Rhiain Bower
Winner of the RIBA Dissertation Medal for ‘Baricsio: The Slate  Quarrymen’s Barracks in North West Wales’ (tutor: Harry Charrington)


Kate Jordan
Shortlisted for RIBA Presidents Award for Research (History and Theory) for ‘Spotless Lilies and Foul Smelling Weeds: Moral Cleanliness in Victorian Magdalen Convents’.

Shahed Saleem
Nominated for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, 2016.


Students associated with the research group have been the recent recipients of awards:

Marie Price was awarded the RIBA President’s Medal for Dissertation 2015 for her outstanding analysis, ‘The Overlooked Back Garden: Voyeurism in the English Back Garden’ (tutor: Harry Charrington).

Marie Price and John Cook (‘Lingotto’) were joint recipients of the Banister Fletcher award for their dissertations.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Robin Partington and Partners, students working on making, materials and crafts for their dissertations were awarded grants in 2015 to enable research and travel. The four recipients were: Irina Ghiuzan, Peter Lynn, Kathryn Mackrory and Elin Parry.


Davide Deriu in collaboration with Josephine Kane
Wellcome Trust Grant in the Medical Humanities for Vertigo in the City: Conversations between the Sciences, Arts & Humanities 


Yara Sharif
Searching for Spaces of Possibilities and Spaces of Imagination within the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict
Commendation, RIBA President’s Award, Outstanding PHD Thesis, 2013


Davide Deriu
Picturing Modern Ankara: 'New Turkey' in Western Imagination
AHRC Fellowship, Early Career, 2011-2012

James Madge
Sabbioneta:  Cryptic City. London: Biblitheque Mclean, 2011
Commendation, RIBA President’s Award, University-located Research, 2012

Jon Goodbun
The Architecture of the Extended Mind: Towards a Critical urban Ecology
Nominated, RIBA President’s Award, Outstanding PHD Thesis, 2012

Nicholas Beech
Constructing Everyday life: An architectural history of the South Bank in production, 1948-1951
Nominated, RIBA President’s Award, Outstanding PHD Thesis, 2012
Silviya Llieva
Living Architecture: An Experiment in Biomimicry
Nominated, RIBA President’s Award, Outstanding Masters Thesis, 2012

Harry Charrington
Awarded the RIBA President’s Medal for Outstanding University-based Research, 2012 for Alvar Aalto: the Mark of the Hand, (Helsinki: Rakennustieto, 2011).

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Members of the Architectural History and Theory Group are frequent recipients of awards for research and scholarly work.

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