Applied DSP and VLSI Research Group



We have worked with the following organisations and companies in the past:

  • Mitsubishi Electric VIL, Guildford UK
  • Dialog Semiconductor, Ltd., Swindon, UK
  • Burr-Brown Europe Ltd., Livingston, Scotland, UK
  • GEC Plessey Semiconductors Ltd., Swindon, UK
  • NOKIA Ltd., Camberley, UK
  • Panasonic Europe Ltd., UK
  • Ericsson Components AB., Kista, Sweden
  • ChipIdea, Portugal
  • Agere Technologies, UK
  • NewLogic, Austria
  • Lucent Technologies, UK
  • MITEL Semiconductor, USA
  • Zarlink Semiconductor, UK
  • Zarlink Semiconductor, USA
  • Starkey Laboratories USA
  • GN-Resound, Denmark
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council UK (EPSRC, UK)
  • European Space Agency
  • UK India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI)

Some recent and ongoing projects

  • Design and Development of an integrated ultra-low-power sensor/sensor network to be deployed in detecting and aiding in putting out forest fires, to start in January 2014, and funded by the European Framework 7 scheme.
  • Design and Development of low-complexity, low-power DSP processor and processing engines to be deployed in on-board communication satellite‚Äôs channelizer payloads, for Astrium and the European Space Agency, currently nearing completion.
  • Design and Development of a mobile phone based Biomedical diagnosis system to diagnose malaria infected human blood, under a minute without the need for an expert Physician or technician. Work Undertaken under the support of a Small UKIERI grant.
  • Design and Development of a state of the art Chip Scale Atomic Clock Driven, Digitally Configurable Multistandard, Multiconstellation and Frequency GNSS Receiver Platform, developed under a UK EPSRC project grant that has just been completed.
  • Design and Development of Low-Complexity and Ultra-Low-Power Completely In Canal Digital Hearing Aid Processor, for Zarlink Semiconductor and Starkey Laboratories USA.
  • Design and development of a Digitally Configurable (Software Defined) Radio for DAB and GPS Reception, for Mitsubishi Electric VIL, Guildford UK.


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