Applied DSP and VLSI Research Group

Interests and expertise

Interests and expertise


  • Research into Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) receivers.
  • Research into integration of GNSS with wireless communication systems.
  • Research into natural algorithms for fixed and adaptive digital filtering.
  • Development of fractional-delay filters for sample rate conversion and beamforming.
  • Research in the area of modelling and design of wireless communication systems.
  • Development of new signal processing architectures and architectural component realisation in full-custom integrated circuits.
  • Development of switched-capacitor filters for telecommunication applications.
  • Development of IIR filter design techniques based upon balanced model truncation of much higher order FIR filters.
  • Development of computer-aided modelling and design packages for the design of discrete-time filters.
  • Evaluation of adaptive notch filters for tracking and eliminating harmonic interference in mains-powered systems.
  • Research into sigma-delta data conversion techniques for baseband and bandpass and RF applications.
  • Design and silicon implementation of bitstream codecs for mobile telephone applications.
  • Development of high-fidelity decimators using polyphase allpass filters.
  • Development of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) systems and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) receiver.
  • Research into asynchronous logic techniques to realise low-power digital signal processors.
  • Research into flexible receiver structures and architectures for digitally configurable radio (software defined radio) applications.
  • Development of ultra-low-power digital signal processors for use in digital hearing aids and other body-wide biomedical applications.
  • Research into high-quality digital image processing for biomedical applications.
  • Development of low-power low-complexity biomedical instrumentation for portable applications.


  • Low-power biomedical instrumentation for technology assisted diagnosis deploying custom circuits, and mobile computing platforms.
  • Multimode software configurable ultra-low-power GNSS receiver including but not limited to GPS, Galileo and Glonas.
  • Patented technology to implement zero-IF and low-IF receiver topologies with enhanced performance eliminating RF impairments for GNSS applications.
  • Reduced complexity FIR/IIR filter design techniques and their efficient realizations.
  • Fixed/adaptive FIR/IIR filter techniques for transmission/reception paths of future mobile communication systems.
  • Power/space/performance-efficient implementation of image/audio/video processing algorithms on custom/FPGA platforms.
  • Ultra-low-power reconfigurable full-custom mixed Analog/Digital processor development and design.
  • Design and implementation novel adaptive schemes for non-linear distortion compensation and frequency estimation in communication systems.
  • Ultra-low-power algorithms for real-time biomedical, communication systems applications including hearing aids and morphology.
  • Imaging techniques for the analysis of tissue/blood samples directed towards classification of normal/malformed cells.
  • Reduced complexity ultra-low-power algorithms and architectures for fixed-point custom and FPGA based arithmetic circuits.
  • The MPEG standard and its custom silicon/FPGA implementations.
  • Sigma-Delta modulator based systems.
  • Sigma-Delta based data acquisition and conversion systems with their associated DSP.
  • Sigma-Delta based fractional frequency synthesis systems and compression techniques.


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