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Members of the Africa Media Centre are research active.

Jane Thorburn has for example produced seven films on Africa, including Nollywood: Just Doing It (2008) and Nollywood 2: Doing It Right (2009).

Winston Mano has published articles on media and communication in Africa in peer-reviewed journals and contributed chapters to edited books. Mano edited Special Issue of Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture (WPCC) on the ‘Media and Zimbabwe’ (2005)and is also principal editor of the Journal of African Media Studies (published by Intellect). The latter is also an outlet for some of the research produced by Africa Media Centre.

Keith Shiri’s publications include Africa on Film and the Directory of African Films and Filmmakers.

Other members of the Faculty of Media Arts and Design have also published work on film and media in Africa, including Joram Ten Brink who has published the book, Building Bridges: the Cinema of Jean Rouch (2007) and Colin Sparks’ (2009) article “South African Media in Transition” in the Journal of African Media Studies (JAMS) 1(2).

Jane Whyatt, David Dunkley-Gyimah, Sylvie Bringas, MA and PhD students are also working on African media topics.



Promoting and disseminating research on communication, film, television, radio, internet, journalism, fixed/mobile phones, journalism and social change in Africa.

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