The Human Library Project

Courageous conversations between books and their borrowers.

The Human Library Project is an international equalities movement that seeks to challenge prejudice and discrimination using the power of conversation. It connects communities and is gathering momentum across the world. There is now a Human Library in over 70 places including the US, China, Europe and the UK.

Human Libraries promote tolerance, celebrate differences, and encourage a better understanding of people who come from varied cultural or lifestyle backgrounds. The initiative offers an important space for challenging implicit attitudes and unconscious bias.

Whether staff or student, the only qualification for participation is that you must be a human being!

How it works

In a library setting, participants ‘take out’ a self-titled human ‘book’ for up to 30 minutes of respectful and courageous conversation about their experiences of prejudice, bias, stereotype, stigma or discrimination.

Participants choose whether to be a ‘book’ or ‘borrower’, and are briefed on their role in the Human Library by the organiser. For ‘books’, making the book title is a creative and reflective process and serves as a trigger for conversation with the human ‘borrower’.

Afterwards, participants are invited to evaluate their experience.

Upcoming events

International Women’s Day

When: 8 March 2018
Time: to be confirmed
Where: to be confirmed

Black and Minority Ethnicity Student Attainment Conversations

When: 11 April 2018
Time: 2–5pm
Where: to be confirmed

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