Self-assessment team

A Self-Assessment Team (SAT) was formed to review the University's application leading up to submission for the Bronze institution award, and will continue to review the University's progress against the action plan.

The SAT is made up of representatives from the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), SSHL, WBS, Policy Studies Institute, as well as colleagues from the Vice Chancellor’s Office and Human Resources.


Graham Megson (M, 1 full-time equivalent - FTE)
Provost and DVC – Vice Chancellor’s Office

Chair of SAT – VC’s nominee.
Lifelong commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Elizabeth Baptiste (F, 1 FTE)
Leadership and Organisational Development Advisor – Human Resources

SAT co-ordinator.
Daughter at university and shared care responsibility for mother.

Martha Bicket (F, 1 FTE)
Research Fellow – Policy Studies Institute

Assists with data analysis.
Early-career researcher with experience in STEM and social science.

Rumy Begum (F, 1 FTE)
Senior Lecturer – FST, Food, Nutrition & Public Health

Interested in STEM women’s networks.
Worked in full-time and part-time posts (after having children).

Angela Clow (F, 1 FTE)
Professor – FST, Psychology

Research group leader and panellist for UOA4 in REF2014.

Miriam Dwek (F, 1 FTE)
Reader – FST, Biomedical Sciences

Experience of PhD studies whilst Lecturer, now Reader whilst having caring responsibilities for two children.

Im Hussain (M, 1 FTE)
Department Manager - Estates and Facilities
Provides valuable insight and experience from his previous role in management information systems.

Li Jin (F, 1 FTE)
Senior Lecturer - FST, Computer Science

Expertise and research are centred on Technology Enhanced Learning driven by socio-technical innovations.

Anatoliy Markiv  (M, 1 FTE)
Senior Lecturer – FST, Biomedical Sciences

Interested in supporting equality, diversity and inclusion. Has a young child, full time working partner.

Parul Modha (F, 1 FTE)
Head of Staff Learning and Development - Human Resources

Project leads all continuous improvement frameworks including IIP, Customer First, Athena SWAN and the RECM. Champion for AURORA programme and women’s development.

Tim Olliver (M, 1 FTE)
HR Manager - Human Resources

Provides staff-related data for all continuous improvement frameworks and assists the SAT with analysis.

Aleka Psarrou (F, 1 FTE)
Head of Department - FST, Computer Science

To ensure gender balance within the department. Responsibilities for staff development.

Ruth Sacks (F, 1 FTE)
Director of Business Development - WBS

Creator/Programme Director of “Women for the Board” course.Commitment to AS values. Mentor for AURORA programme.

Kim Storey (F, 1 FTE)
Bioscience Team Leader - FST, Technical Services

Feels AS values are key to workplace improvement. Has 2 young children, both parents working full time.

Kathryn Waddington (F, 1 FTE)
Head of Department - FST, Psychology

Nominated by Dean of FST. Has an increasing caring responsibility for her mother.

Martin Willis (M, 1 FTE)
Professor – SSHL, English, Linguistics and Cultural Studies

Interest in the relationships between science and the humanities.


For more information on the SAT contact:

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility
Andy Norris
E: [email protected]
T: +44 (0)7800 860 931

Leadership and Organisational Development Adviser (Continuous Improvement)
Elizabeth (Liz) Baptiste
E: [email protected]
T: +44 (0)203 506 6370

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