The University of Westminster is committed to maintaining the natural beauty of its campus with sustainable practices that seek to minimise use of pesticides, fertiliser, fossil fuels and water.

Download our Marylebone Biodiversity Action Plan

To support the natural environment, we have a wide portfolio of activities, including improving habitats, expanding our Growing Spaces and protecting species.


  • Harrow Wild Meadow
  • Introducing wild flower areas
  • Creating ecological corridors
  • Installing grass roofs

Growing spaces

  • Vegetable and herb gardens at Marylebone
  • Vegetable trugs at Marylebone
  • Allotment plots at Chiswick


  • Tree planting
  • Planting native species


  • Chiswick bee keeping apiary
  • Bird feeders across sites
Gloved hand planting small plants

Our campaigns

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Bee on white flower


Encouraging plants and wildlife on our campuses.

Cyclists using cycle lane


Go green with our transport options