At the University of Westminster, we are addressing the everyday issues of environmental sustainability by understanding our impacts and measuring our results. The University’s Environmental Policy outlines our commitment to continual improvement in our environmental performance in compliance with legal requirements. Our Action Plan details how we will achieve this and outlines the required resources. Also, the University of Westminster is committed to supporting the Sustainability Agenda and ensuring the budget is maintained throughout the academic year 2016/17.

We have been making great strides towards reducing the environmental impact of campus operations and activities. From incorporating sustainability into procurement to supporting staff and student led projects, sustainable practices and policies are building up across the University.

As a student or as a member of staff you can also support the University’s sustainability performance. Do you have a great idea that could assist us to save energy, reuse more waste, build more biologically diverse habitats, incorporate sustainable travel options or reduce other sustainability impacts? The Sustainability Team is open to receive ideas that conform with the Sustainability Key Performance Indicators and sponsor sustainability projects.

View the Projects Approval Process. One of the core key performance indicators used within the university is the Carbon Footprint Report, which is measured on a regular basis.

The Environmental Sustainability agenda is reaching out to an evolving culture and striving to meet the demands of today. After a rigorous analysis of environmental impacts and business risks from the ever-changing environment we live in, the University has committed to developing an Environmental Management System (EMS) in line with ISO 14001.

Through this systematic approach, the University can remain compliant with applicable environmental legislation and better manage its environmental impacts.

The University participates in the Eco Campus programme and currently holds a Gold certificate.