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I am a British Academy postdoctoral fellow at University of Westminster. My postdoc project entitled “Translanguaging as a means of survival in refugee settlements: The case of asylum seekers in Greece” aims to contribute to the theory and practice of translanguaging in times of emergency and survival by drawing on empirical data collected from the refugees who have experienced war and violent conflicts and are now residing in Athens, Greece.

My experience as an immigrant in the UK has enabled me to investigate the importance of language skills in terms of accessing education and exploring the importance of language for equality and social justice. I have been particularly interested in language learning and language education among migrants who have experienced war, conflict and displacement.  

I hold a PhD in Linguistics from School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London. My PhD thesis entitled “Learning my language: Moments of languages and identities among Kurds in the UK dealt with the sociolinguistic aspects of language and identity in community based heritage language learning classes in London. [Shortlisted for Fishman Award 2018]

I hold an MRes in Language Discourse and Communication from King's College London and a BA in English and Linguistics from Queen Mary University of London.

My recent article Language ideologies and identities in Kurdish heritage language classrooms in London has been published in International Journal of Sociology of Language. 253 (86): 173-200 in September 2018. Currently, I am working on my second article entitled The linguistic repertoire, language ideologies and space: The case of a young person on the island of Lesvos for a special issue | Language, Mobility and Social Inequality in Immigrant, Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Contexts | Multilingua: Journal of Cross-Cultural and Interlanguage Communication.

My research interests are language and migration, language and identity, language ideologies, attitudes towards standard vs nonstandard varieties, intersections of language, gender, faith, region and social class, language learning in community, language and politics, linguistic /ethnography, interactional sociolinguistics and critical/discourse analysis. More broadly, I am interested in the intersections of language, politics, faith, gender, political economy and social psychological aspects of institutional settings.

Before joining University of Westminster, I worked as an MA tutor in Language Education for Refugees and Migrants and previously as a postdoctoral researcher (Project P.R.E.S.S.) on Lesvos Island at Hellenic Open University. I also worked as a visiting scholar at University of San Antonio in Texas, United States in 2017.

As well as my academic work, I worked with refugee children in a school funded by UNICEF in Athens.



  • Language, migration and mobility
  • Language and identity
  • Language ideologies
  • Attitudes towards standard vs nonstandard varieties
  • Intersections of language, gender, faith, region and social class
  • Language learning in community
  • Linguistic /ethnography, interactional sociolinguistics and critical/discourse analysis
  • Intersections of language, politics and political economy in institutional settings