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Camille graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in biological sciences from La Trobe University in 1997 and with postgraduate studies in criminology from the University of Melbourne in 1999. After a successful career working in community correctional services that began in 1999, where she managed community-based offender rehabilitation programs including the sex offenders' register, she immigrated to the United Kingdom in 2005 to enhance her career in criminal justice. In 2007 she resigned from working with young offenders to pursue a less institutionally defined career as a freelance photographer.  In 2009 she was shortlisted for the Royal Academy of Art summer exhibition for her Berlin street photography. 

Between 2012 and 2014 she collected several awards and magazine commissions for her less traditional avant-garde wedding photography work. In 2021 she was nominated for Wedding Photographer of the Year in the Avant-garde catagoring.   In 2015 she quit commercial wedding photography and undertook a Masters Degree in digital photography and creative media arts.  Going on to graduate with a distinction from London South Bank University, achieving a first for her thesis that answered the question, is it possible to reclaim the word whore through creative practice as research?)

Her current research interests lie in the way marginalised communities use photography in online spaces as a tool for visual activism and political change. Returning as a commercial photographer in high-end artistic commissions, though her art she specialises in re-imagining existing photographs. She has extensive knowledge relating to the self-publishing of photo-books and zines, both as cultural and research practices.  She has further interests in contemporary photography with an emphasis on theories of the author as an editor, working with other peoples' images and exploring issues related to politics, sexuality, violence, feminism, surveillance, censorship and identity.

Camille is currently undertaking a PhD with one of the United Kingdom's leading institutes for visual research, the Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM), School of Media, Arts and Design, at the University of Westminster. Her current PhD candidature is Whoretography:  The Woman Sex Worker as Image-Maker; a critical analysis of the representation of sex workers in online spaces.  Camille's groundbreaking research has already led to several academic publications and critical recognition within academia and the arts.  


University Certificate in Supporting Learning scheduled for October 2019

Guest Lecture - 20th January 2021: History and Theory of the Sex Worker Self Image, London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.

Guest Lecture - 16th February 2021: Whose image is it anyway?  The politics and rhetoric of the sex worker image. Hotel Alphabet: Art. Books. Conversation.  


She is currently undertaking a MPhil/PhD with the Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM), School of Media, Arts and Design, at the University of Westminster. Her doctoral research is Whoretography – Sex workers as image-makers: A critical analysis of sex workers’ self-representation in online public spaces.

Recent Publications

Contributing co-author on the Sex Worker Student Tool-Kit (2020), Leicester University. For a copy please visit https://www.neswf.co.uk/post/students-in-the-sex-industry

Visual Activism and Marginalised Communities in Online Spaces, Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms. Valiz (2020)

Waring, C., 2017. Whoretography: The Intersection Of Imagery, Technologies, Society & The Sale Of Sex Online. Masters Degree. London South Bank University.

Academic Author

Cunningham, S., Sanders, T., Scoular, J., Campbell, R., Pitcher, J., Hill, K., Valentine-Chase, M., Melissa, C., Aydin, Y. and Hamer, R., 2017. Behind the screen: Commercial sex, digital spaces and working online.

Campbell, R., Aydin, Y., Cunningham, S., Hamer, R., Hill, K., Melissa, C., Pitcher, J., Scoular, J., Sanders, T. and Valentine-Chase, M., 2018. Technology mediated sex work: Fluidity, networking & regulation in the UK.

Unpublished Publications

Waring, C., 2018-2022. Whoretography: Sex Workers As Image-Makers. A Critical Analysis of Sex Worker Self Representation In Online Spaces. Unpublished PhD Thesis. The University of Westminster.

Waring, C. Visual Terrorism and the online sex worker in Navigating Contemporary Sex Work: Gender, Justice and Policy in the 21st century (TBA)

Academic Citations

Phillips, E., 2020. “It’s classy because you can’t see things”: data from a project co-creating sexy images of young women. Feminist Media Studies, pp.1-16.

Anthony, (2017) Social Censure and Critical Criminology, After Sumner. Palgrave Macmillan. United Kingdom

Krsmanovic, E. (2016). Captured 'Realities' of Human Trafficking: Analysis of photographs illustrating stories on trafficking into the sex industry in Serbian media. Anti-Trafficking Review. (7)

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O'Neill, M., 2017. Sex Work, Censure and Transgression. In Social Censure and Critical Criminology (pp. 191-215). Palgrave Macmillan, London.

Redman, S., 2016. Female and male escorts in the UK: A Comparative analysis of working practices, stigma and relationships (Doctoral dissertation, University of Leeds).


On October 28th 2020, I was interviewed for the Science versus conversation podcast based in Los Angeles, United States of America.  I spoke about imaged based violence, sex work, facial recognition and artificial intelligence in the context of online sex work.  To be published. 

September 7th 2020 - I spoke on a podcast about image-based violence in the context of online sex wor.  It was a passionate and honest conversation about visual terrorism, lens-based violence, stigma, shame, the violence of the image, holding sex buyers to account and my PhD research. So popular was this Podcast with GlowWest that it charted at number 76 in the Australian Podcast Charts and briefly was number one before settling at number two in the Irish Sex and Sexuality podcast charts and the top 50 for the Irish Health and Well Being podcast charts. 

Details as follows: 

A:https://podcasts.apple.com/ie/podcast/glow-west-podcast/id1505064268… S:https://open.spotify.com/episode/5VJR6e7q4oYs3KRt7CjZPP?si=DIHnD1xqR...


December, 11th, 2020. BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour  Ockenden Review, Puberty Blockers, Student Sex Work Policy. Link to episode: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000q3gx?at_custom3=%40BBCWomansHou...

May 4th, 2019 Women Turning The Lens And Dialogue On Sex Work Interveowed By Emily Rose Larsen https://www.fotofemmeunited.com/article/48

May 31st 2019 New Statesman “How facial recognition is being used to target sex workers” Interviewed by Rivkah Brown. https://www.newstatesman.com/science-tech/privacy/2019/05/how-facial...

June 18th, 2019 in the print version of Huck Magazine, The Red Light Revolution. by Lydia Morrish

29th  January 2018 Interviewed by Raven Brown for the British Sex Work Research Hub - https://www.swrh.co.uk/blog/21-questions-with-the-award-winning-cami...

December 31st, 2017.   Reason Magazine, "The Best Sex Work Writing of 2017" by Elizabeth Nolan Brown.  https://reason.com/2017/12/31/best-sex-work-writing-of-2017/

December 21st, 2017 Brain Magazine - published in Paris Whoretography, un magazine fait par et pour les travailleurs/euses du sexe https://brain-page-q.fr/article/page-q/42618-Whoretography-un-nouvea...

December 19th, 2017. Vice Magazine, The journal and website's creator, Camille Melissa, talks to i-D about celebrating sex workers' self-image. Nadja Sayej https://i-d.vice.com/en_us/article/ne4bvq/whoretography-is-a-new-mag...

Spanish Version here: https://www.oneradio.com.ar/whoretography-es-una-nueva-revista-cread...

December 1st, 2017. Dazed & Confused "The woman making sex work photography true to life" by  Anna Freeman https://www.dazeddigital.com/art-photography/article/38175/1/the-wom...

International Speaking Events

Wellington, New Zealand 

Stigma, Discrimination and Sex Workers' rights Key Note speaker, Wellington, New Zealand, February 22nd 2018.

Dublin, Ireland

International Visual Sociological Association Conference "Sex workers as image-maker; Deghettoising of the Internet and the weaponisation of photography" Dublin 2020 - postponed to 2021 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Speaking Events & Exhibitions

Where is the intimacy in Sex Work? A King's Review Salon at King's College Cambridge, October 9th 2014.

Shifting Tides: Reimaging Sex Work, Law and Activism in the 21st Century.  A symposium at the Dickson Poon School of Law, Kings College London. June 15th 2016.

Westminster Research Conference 'Research and Visibility'20th June 2018

Centre for Research, Education, Arts and Media PhD Summer symposium, Monday July 2nd & Tuesday July 3rd 2018

Exhibited and held two artist salons at  Hyphen - An Exposition Between Art and Research 22–27 March 2019   at Ambika P3, central London              

Presented at the Hyphen - An Exposition Between Art and Research symposium on March 24th 2019              

19th May 2019 Guest panellist for the SWARM conference: A Decriminalised Future: Sex Workers' Festival of Resistance

Screen Studies Conference, Birkbeck University. June 8th 2019

Centre for Teaching Innovation Research Conference 'Research Matters' June 18th 2019

Centre for Research, Education, Arts and Media PhD Summer symposium, Monday 1st & 2nd  July 2019

Life Beyond the PhD conference at Cumberland Lodge August 27th to September 1st

Centre for Research, Education, Arts and Media PhD Winter symposium, December 14th 2019

Authored Articles 

13th February, 2017. The Honest Courtesan - An introduction to Whoretography. Link: https://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com/2017/02/13/guest-columnist-whore...

13th December, 2016 Whores of Yore - Photographing Dead Sex Workers Link: https://www.thewhoresofyore.com/sex-worker-voices/photographing-dead...

17th November, 2016. Beyond the Gaze - False photographic consciousness: the visual war on sex work. Link: https://www.beyond-the-gaze.com/2016/11/17/false-photographic-consci...

 Authored Texts

The Sex Worker - April 2019 - authored the foreward for the photographic book The Sex Worker by Canadian Photographer, Lindsay Irene.