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Dr Tara Velez joined Westminster Business School in 2018 as a Lecturer in Finance and is the Course Leader for the MSc Finance (International Finance) programme. She holds a MSc in Mathematical Finance and a PhD in Mathematical Finance from the University of London.

Dr Velez is an experienced entrepreneur and has also worked with several London hedge funds. She has extensive practical knowledge of investing in alternative investments and risk management across different asset classes.


Dr Velez's teaching covers financial markets and institutions, pricing of financial instruments, risk management of financial assets, research methods, financial software, corporate finance and entrepreneurial studies.


Dr Velez's current research focuses on the empirical analysis of real assets including commodities, art, and real estate.

Selected Publications:

Velez, T.M. and Geman, H. 2018. Expanding the Space of Real Estate Investment to Data Centers and Shopping Complexes. Real Estate Finance, 35(1), p.223-239

Velez, T.M.and Geman, H.  2016. Ownership yield and prime real estate in alpha cities. The Journal of Wealth Management, 19(3), p.116-130

Velez, T.M. and Geman, H. 2015. On rarity premium and ownership yield in art. The Journal of Alternative Investments, 18(1), p.8-21