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Joram ten Brink studied musicology and visual anthropology in Holland before moving to England to study film/TV in London. He has worked since as a director and writer of film and TV in the UK, Holland, Israel, Austria and other European countries. His films and videos have been shown internationally on broadcast television and at major film festivals , film venues and galleries. His work has been shown regularly at Berlin and Rotterdam film festivals and has been exhibited at MOMA, New York. His films are at the collections of the British film institute, MOMA, German Cinemateque, Dutch National Film Archive, Image Forum, Tokyo and Brown University, RI, USA. He completed his PhD in 1999 at Middlesex University (with Prof. Roy Armes) on The Essay Film. Joram is member of the AHRC peer review college and member of the ScreenWork/ Journal of Media Practice editorial group. His working languages (excluding English) are Hebrew and Dutch.

Selected Filmography

  • The Call, Feature (in Pre Production), J prod/ London (producer)
  • Invincible, Documentary (in Post Production) AHRC / Final Cut Films, Denmark (producer/executive producer) 2013
  • The Act of Killing, documentary, AHRC /Final Cut Films, Denmark (producer/executive producer), 2012
  • The Journey, essay film, Kiasma Museum of Modern arts, Helsinki, Finland, 2006 (Director)
  • Puerto Rico Trench, Virtual Reality documentary, National Oceanographic andAtmospheric Administration, USA, 2004.(Director)
  • Conversation with Architects, documentary, Interakt Media, Holland, 2004.(Director)
  • Journey Through the Night, drama, Studio Nieuw Gronden/Halo Productions for Channel Four TV/Dutch Film Board, Holland/United Kingdom, 2004(Director)
  • 'The Man who couldn't Feel' and Other Tales, essay film, J. Productions, UK, 1997.(Director)
  • The Winter Hunt, screenplay writer, Studio Nieuw Gronden, Holland, 1993.(Director)
  • Going Home, screenplay writer, DOR Films, Austria, 1990.(Director)
  • Jacoba, drama documentary, Studio Nieuw Gronden, NOS TV and Dutch FilmBoard, Holland, 1988.(Director)
  • A Door in the Wall, documentary, Concord Films, UK, 1987.(Director)
  • Common Ground, documentary, Concord Films, UK,1986. (Director)

Main film festivals and museums screenings since 2000

  • Rotterdam International Film Festival, Holland, 2001 Claremont- Ferrand International Film Festival, France, 2001
  • Oberhausen International Film Festival, Germany 2001 and 2007
  • Tampere International Film Festival, Finland 2001 and 2007
  • Barcelona Film Festival, Spain, 2002
  • Vienna "SixPack" experimental film festival, Austria, 2002
  • Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam, Holland, 2004
  • Felix-Nussbaum-Haus Museum, Osnabrück, Germany , 2004
  • Berlin Museum, Germany, 2005
  • Vienna Jewish Museum, Austria, 2005 and 2007
  • München Stadtmuseum (Munich City Museum), Germany, 2005
  • Kiasma Museum of Modern Art, Helsinki, Finland, 2006
  • P3 Gallery, London, 2008
  • Arte x Arte gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2009 and 2012
  • Toronto International Film Festival, 2012
  • Berlin International Film Festival, 2013

Work in archive collections

  • Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • Dutch National Film Archive, Amsterdam
  • British Film Institute, London
  • Image Forum, Tokyo, Japan
  • Israeli Film Archive, Jerusalem
  • Brown University RI, USA
  • University of Florida, USA

Documentary film, Experimental cinema, Early cinema and the Avant Garde, The essay film, Visual anthropology, Digital archives, VR films

  • The AHRC Arts on film archive a database and an internet based digital archive of Arts Council-funded 450 documentary films, 1953-1999. Completed in 2007.
  • The AHRC genocide and genre research project. Completed 2011

Grants awarded

  • £420,000 from AHRC (UK Arts and Humanities Research Council) for Genocide and Genre research project (March 2008-Oct 2011)
  • £320,000 from AHRC to establish the "Arts on Film Archive (ended October 2007)
  • £70,000 from AHRC for PhD training programmes for the moving images - AVPHD. In collaboration with Royal College of Art, Goldsmith College and Birkbeck College (2005-2008)

Member of National Committee

  • BBC Digital Public Space project
  • Member of the National forum of archives (Art Council England)
  • Member of the editorial board Screenwork UK
  • Member of the national steering committee of AVPHD (funded by AHRC
  • Member, JISC Film & Sound Think Tank


  • Consultant to Media program (Media II) (EU)
  • Consultant, Arista, European Script development programme
  • Member, management, Footage Farm Film Archive, London.

External links

Research students

  • Fotios Begklis - Using online interactive video in visual ethnographic research
  • Christine Douglass - Patients as authors
  • Aikaterini Gegisian- Essay film and thinking through Space: the case study of Yerevan
  • Marianne Hougen-Moraga - Intimacy in documentary filmmaking
  • Miguel Machado - Traffic of dimensions: place, space and film geographies
  • Sylvie Magerstadt - Illusions for Life -On the importance of illusions for our life and the role of cinema in creating these illusions (Completed)
  • Zemirah Moffat- Queer Giving: an Audio-Visually guided Shared Ethnography of the Wotever Vision (Completed)
  • Miranda Pennell -Stasis, motion and the historical imagination
  • Perla Carrillo Quiroga- Embodiment and The Senses in Travelogue Filmmaking (Completed)
  • Maria Lusitano da Fonseca Moreira Santos - Childhood Times and Voices, Performing childhood times and voices in the video-essay
  • Rebecca Savage - Video Based Research and Found Footage Filmmaking in the Anthropological Investigation of Mexican Migrant Event Video (Completed)
  • Max Schleser - The Mobile-mentary: Mobile Documentaries in the Contemporary Mediascape (Completed)
  • Robert Sternberg- Discovery as invention (completed)
  • Nigel Wood- New frameworks for the investigation and comprehension of Chinese ceramic technology (by publication, Completed)


Invincible (2013)
ten Brink, J. and Oppenheimer, J. 2013. Invincible.
The call (2013)
ten Brink, J. 2013. The call.


The act of killing (2012)
Oppenheimer, J. and ten Brink, J. 2012. The act of killing.


Arts on Film Archive (2007)
ten Brink, J. 2007. Arts on Film Archive. On Line:


Puerto Rico trench (2004)
ten Brink, J. 2004. Puerto Rico trench.
Journey through the night (2004)
ten Brink, J. 2004. Journey through the night.
Conversation with architects (2004)
ten Brink, J. 2004. Conversation with architects.


'The man who couldn’t feel’ and other tales (1997)
ten Brink, J. 1997. 'The man who couldn’t feel’ and other tales.


The winter hunt (1993)
ten Brink, J. 1993. The winter hunt.


Going home (1990)
ten Brink, J. 1990. Going home.


Jacoba (1988)
ten Brink, J. 1988. Jacoba.


A door in the wall (1987)
ten Brink, J. 1987. A door in the wall.


Common ground (1986)
ten Brink, J. 1986. Common ground.


Re-enactment, history of violence and documentary film (2012)
ten Brink, J. 2012. Re-enactment, history of violence and documentary film. in: ten Brink, J. and Oppenheimer, J. (ed.) Killer images: documentary film, memory and the performance of violence New York Columbia University Press.


Film archive (2011)
ten Brink, J. 2011. Film archive. in: Del Monte, M. (ed.) Far comprendere, far vedere cinema, Fruizione, multimedialità Venice, Italy Terra Ferma Edizioni.


From camera-stylo to camera-crayon (2007)
ten Brink, J. 2007. From camera-stylo to camera-crayon. in: ten Brink, J. (ed.) Building bridges: the cinema of Jean Rouch London, UK Wallflower Press.
Astruc and Rossellini (2007)
ten Brink, J. 2007. Astruc and Rossellini. in: ten Brink, J. (ed.) Building bridges: the cinema of Jean Rouch London, UK Wallflower Press.


The ethno-fiction films of Jean Rouchin (2005)
ten Brink, J. 2005. The ethno-fiction films of Jean Rouchin. in: Buryport critical forum London Royal College of Arts.


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ten Brink, J. and Oppenheimer, J. (ed.) 2012. Killer images: documentary film, memory and the performance of violence. New York & Chichester Columbia University Press.


Building Bridges: the Cinema of Jean Rouch (2007)
ten Brink, J. 2007. Building Bridges: the Cinema of Jean Rouch. London, UK Wallflower Press.
Vision on: film, television and the arts in Britain (2007)
Wyver, J. ten Brink, J. (ed.) 2007. Vision on: film, television and the arts in Britain. London, UK Wallflower Press.


The journey (2006)
ten Brink, J. 2006. The journey. Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Arts, Helsinki, Finland


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