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Tereza Stehlíková works is an artist and a senior lecturer. She holds a PhD from the Royal College of Art, where she researched, in theory and practice, the tactile language of moving image. She is currently engaged in a cross-disciplinary research, investigating how moving image can be used to communicate embodied experience. She works primarily in moving image, as well as performance. Stehlikova is a senior lecturer in still and moving image practice at the University of Westminster, and a research coordinator at the Royal College of Art, animation department, where also supervises PhD students.  Stehlikova is a founder of Sensory Sites, an international collective based in London, generating collaborative exhibitions, installations and research projects that explore multi-sensory perception and bodily experience.  She also co-founded Artesian, a journal for committed creativity, featuring the writings of John Berger, Don DeLillo amongst many others. She presented her research at a number of international conferences and her films have been screened at a variety of film and music festivals around the world. Stehlikova recently completed a short poetic film about Trieste, in collaboration with writer Deborah Levy, and is currently collaborating with poet Steven J Fowler on a project about Wormwood Scrubs, while also developing a concept for a Sensory Sites exhibition at the Somerset House, for 2018.


2008 – 2012: Royal College of Art (PhD)

1999 - 2001: Royal College of Art (MA Animation)

1998: London Animation School (postgraduate training course in Softimage 3D + drawn animation)

1995 - 1998: Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design (BA Graphic Design & Illustration)

1994 – 1995: Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design (Foundation course) 

Selected presentations/symposia

2017 Porous Borders, Prague Quadrennial, Czech republic

2017 Open Senses symposium presentation, London

2016 Engaging the Senses, IVLA, Montreal, Canada

2016 Ecstatic Truth: Exploring the Essence of Animated Documentary, RCA (organizer)

2015 Poetics of Food, Ted X Hackney event, presenting Across the Unseen Sea project

2015 Being Human Festival, UCL, The sounds that move us

2015 Exploring Sensory Memories – workshop, Tokyo, Japan

2015 The Lab Project, leading Haptic Visuality Salon, Kingsgate workshop trust.

2015 Haptic Narratives: Textural exploration in film, extended speaker presentation, University of Greenwich

2015 Eating Well: Experience and value in meals; film screening and presentation, Warwick University

2014 Nordic Summer University, presenting ‘Across the Unseen Sea’, Iceland

2014 C.A.K.E. conference, Edge Hill University, presenting ‘Expanded Frame: Incorporating Embodied Experience into Moving Image Practice’

2014 Documenting Fashion: Rethinking Experiences of Dress, presenting film work/research, The Courtauld Institute, London

2014 So Far / So Good, Research conference, keynote presentation, Royal College of Art, London

2013 AHRC Science in Culture awards – presentation of research, Bristol

2013 Animated Body, curated and organized a research symposium, Royal College of Art, London

2013 Sino-UK Animation Education Forum, Hangzhou, China

2012 The Art of Research, presenting paper ‘Tangible Territory’, Helsinki, Finland

2012 Life Beyond PhD, short presentation on ‘Film and Tactility’, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor

2012 New Perspectives on Animation, presenting paper ‘Tangible Territory’ (+ Red Riding Hood)

2011 Conference on Practice Based Research in Art and Design, presenting paper on her PhD research, Bauhaus Universitat, Weimar, Germany

2011 Artistic Research – Strategies for Embodiment, Presenting ‘Touch Memory and the Moving Image’ paper, The Winter Symposium, NSU, Århus, Denmark  (to be published as an anthology in 2013)


Selected Exhibitions and screenings

2017 Jihlava Documentary Film Festival

2017 Artist programme, Svetozor, Prague

2017 Journey to the Interior, immersive performance, Open Senses festival

2016 TRIESTE: In-between states, Whitechapel Gallery screening

2015 The Perpetual, Filming Abstraction, Whitechapel Gallery screening

2015 Absolute Now, moving image installation, Atsuko Barouh Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2014 Moving Water, art participation project, October Gallery, London

2013 Icelandic Dining Exploration, a concept and design of a multi-sensory banquet, Blacks Club, London (supported by the AHRC science in culture theme)

2013 Generation, GV Arts, London









Senior Lecturer in Still and Moving Image Practice, University of Westminster

An external examiner for Northumbria University, BA Animation, MA Animation, (2016 – 2021) 

Developing a new MA Animation, for University of Westminster (2016)

PhD supervisor, animation research coordinator, Royal College of Art (2012 - ongoing)


Animation lecturer in theory and practice, University of Bedfordshire (2009- 2011)

2008:  Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design (moving image lecturer)

Current PhD students

Emine Gokcek (Royal College of Art, Animation)

Trent Kim (Royal College of Art, Animation)

Hugo Glover (Royal College of Art, IDE)

MPhil students (completed)

Chunhui Meng (Royal College of Art, Animation) 


Research area key words:

Multi-sensory cinematic expression, embodied spectatorship, cross-modal perception, participative performance, food as a medium of poetic expression, the relationship between embodied memory and place.

My artistic practice explores ways of evoking multi-sensory impressions and embodied memories via audio-visual means, through the format of short film and performance. My work has come out of my PhD research into haptic visuality, a concept developed by the academic Laura Marks, as well the films of Czech artist Jan Svankmajer, whose deep interest in tactility has found an expression in his films. Through my research as well as my association with Centre for the Study of the Senses  (http://philosophy.sas.ac.uk/centres/censes), I have become aware of the role of all five senses in informing and influencing each other, concept known as crossmodal interactions. Although much of my research concerns multi-sensory, especially tactile impressions, it is the visual sense that has always been my key driving force of my work. 

My PhD was entitled Tangible Territory: Inviting the Body into the Experience of Moving Image. It was a practice-based PhD, at the Royal College of Art, 2008-2012 

Grant Awards: PhD Research Student RCA Awards 2011, The Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust, 2012 

Sensory Sites

I am also a founding member of Sensory Sites (https://sensorysites.wordpress.com/), an international collective of artists and researchers, based in London, generating collaborative exhibitions, installations and research projects that explore multi-sensory perception and bodily experience.