About me

Angelica Silva is a PhD student at the University of Westminster School of Law, in the field of International Law and Development. She did her Master of Laws in International and Commercial Dispute Resolution Law - LLM at the same university (2014 - 2015) (Distinction), her dissertation was in the fields of International Lw and Development and Foreign Direct Investment Arbitration. She is a Brazilian lawyer  specialised in infrastructure and construction contracts, having worked as in-house in construction companies, advising in compliance and dispute resolution in public and private contracts. 


Angelica Silva's doctorate  will exam the obligations of sovereign states towards their own citizens and other countries when carrying out major development projects. By reference to the development of Belo Monte Dam in Brazil, this research will look at the implications of such projects in International Law and Development, questioning whether further compensation must be paid by the Brazilian state to those affected by Belo Monte development project, and why. Through the analysis of the legal concept of a human right to development, this doctoral research puts a spotlight in the democracy-development tension in dam projects in the former colonial south.