About me

I have had some experience, working with the social sector and also with the state government before I actually decided to pursue my doctoral education. My research interests mostly center around gender and the interplay of gender in everyday life and also in political conflicts. Women's everyday experiences; recognizing, voicing and situating them epistemologically is what I am interested in, majorly.


It excites me to be teaching Post-Colonial Politics this fall in London after having taught Introduction to Feminism 101 in Spring 2015 in New York. I love using tools from Critical and Feminist pedagogy and enjoy making classroom spaces reflective and interactive.


I worked as research assistant in some projects but when it comes to strict academic research, I haven't gone beyond my Master's project. The area of doctoral research seems exciting and daunting, at the same time. I hope to produce something useful, not just academically but for my research community, as well.