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Dan Petrosian is a Visiting Lecturer in Criminology and Sociology at the University of Westminster. He holds a BA (Hons) in Criminal Justice from the University of Westminster and an MA (Res) in Criminology from the University of Kent at Canterbury. He has formerly worked at various research organisations and the Crown Prosecution Service in Hertfordshire.


He is teaching/has taught on the following modules to date:

3SOCL00W: Sociological Foundations: Society, Risk and Crime

3CRIM001W: Crime and Society

4CRIM001W: The Criminological Imagination

4CRIM006W: Researching Crime and Justice

4CRIM003W: Controversies in Criminal Justice

6CRIM005W: Psychology, Crime and the Popular Imagination


As a Critical Criminologist and Data Activist, Dan's main research interests are in the fields of Progressive Social Movements, Video Activism, Right-Wing Populism and Post-Truth Politics. He is currently writing a PhD thesis at the University of Westminster titled:

"Progressive Social Movements: Video activism practices in challenging xeno-racist discourses on immigration"

He has also conducted the following studies:

Petrosian, V. (2015). Occupy Democracy: A Study of New Media Use by a Sub-branch of the Occupy London Movement. University of Kent, School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research. Canterbury: University of Kent.

Petrosian, V. (2014). A Study of Citizen Journalism: Challenging the "Official Truth"? University of Westminster, Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages. London: University of Westminster.