About me

I was born in Italy in 1990. When I was in primary school, my amazing teacher of Italian and History instilled the love for Humanities into me. From then on, my scholastic career was decided. Once I finished high school, I studied Italian Literature and Humanities at the Univeristy of Milan, where I developed my interest in Linguistics. I postgraduaded at the University of Westminster in English Language and Linguistics. The stimulating academic environment captured me, and I thus applied for a PhD position. I am currently a doctoral researcher in the department of English Linguistics and Cultural Studies at the University of Westminster. 


I have a long experience in private teaching and tutoring. In 2016, I have also started to teach at the Univeristy of Westminster. I taught both at the BA and MA level. In 2017, I passed the Certificate of Special Study in Supporting Learning  and so now I am eligible to become an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 


My current research is focused on the linguistic repertoire of Italians who migrated to London after the 2008 economic crisis. I am collecting a new data set of spontaneous conversations in order to present a qualitative preliminary analysis of this new group of migrants.