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Danny Nicol is Professor of Public Law. He is presently completing a monograph on the political, legal and constitutional aspects of the BBC's longest-running drama series "Doctor Who", focusing on such issues as globalised law, war crimes, the construction of national identity, corporate power and the distance between leaders and the led.

He was appointed Professor of Public Law in 2006 having previously been Reader in Law at London Metropolitan University. He holds a BA in Jurisprudence from Wadham College, Oxford and an LLM in European Law from University College London.  He was awarded a City Solicitors Educational Fund studentship in order to pursue his doctoral studies at Brunel University, and in 2000 obtained his PhD for a thesis investigating the understandings of British MPs of the constitutional law implications of membership of the European Economic Community.  He has written monographs on EU membership and the British constitution, and on the relationship of capitalism to the British constitution.  He has also published widely on the UK's Human Rights Act.  He serves on the Editorial Board of the journal Public Law.


  • Public Law
  • EU Law


  • Parliamentary Sovereignty
  • Interrelationship between Law and Politics
  • Human Rights Act
  • European Union Liability and Remedies
  • Constitutional Protection of Capitalism.


For details of all my research outputs, visit my WestminsterResearch profile.