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Dr Mudra Mukesh has a PhD in Marketing from IE Business School, in Madrid, Spain. She studied and worked in India, France, Spain, China, Hong Kong and USA. .

Mudra's business experience and expertise extends to the domain of entrepreneurship, managing development and execution of digital marketing strategy for international operations of SMEs and start-ups.

She has studied how Facebook usage impacts well-being of individuals and consumption preferences, as well as negotiation behavior. She is also interested in understanding how cognitive and social psychology can address issues and solve problems in education and addiction. Some of her other research projects include logo design and its impact on brand evaluations.

Mudra's research has received widespread media coverage from Forbes, Live Science, Men's Health and L'Express. It has also been presented at various global academic conferences.

Media Coverage

"No McFunerals Please" WSJ. September 18, 2019 

"Seeking Equity Crowdfunding Backers? Take A Look At Your Company Logo" Forbes. December 27, 2018.

"L'étude qui va vous faire décrocher de Facebook" L'Express. July 3, 2014.

"How to Feel Better Everyday"

"Why you shouldn't have more than 354 Facebook Friends", Men's Health News February 12, 2012

"Facebook with Care: Social Networking site can hurt self-esteem", Fox News.February 7, 2012.


Mudra has taught modules in consumer behaviour, branding, global marketing, research, social media marketing and innovation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. 


Publications and book chapters

Luffarelli J., Mukesh, M. and Mahmood, A. (2019) Let the Logo Do the Talking: The Influence of Logo Descriptiveness on Brand Equity. Journal of Marketing Research

Mahmood, A., Luffarelli J., Mukesh, M. (2018) What’s in a Logo? The Effect of Logo Complexity on Investment Decisions in Entrepreneurial Ventures, Journal of Business Venturing, ISSN 0883-9026,

Mukesh M and Rao A (2017 ) Social Media Measurement and Monitoring in R. Bikramjit and S. Bandyopadhyay (Eds) Contemporary Issues in Social Media Marketing . Routledge.

Mukesh M and Gonçalves D (2012) ,"Virtually Unhappy: How Probability Neglect in Social Comparison Biases Judgments of Satisfaction With Life", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 40, eds. Zeynep Gürhan-Canli, Cele Otnes, and Rui (Juliet) Zhu, Duluth, MN : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 741-742.

Working papers

Mukesh, M. Bitcoins as Branding

Mukesh, M. Selfies and Narcissism: A Consumption Context 

Mukesh, M. and Gonçalves, D. Hold the Negotiations! – Facebook, Envy and Egotistical Motivation

Mukesh, M., Margarita, M., and Gonçalves, D.  The Well-Being Paradox of Facebook: Maintaining Relations and Collecting Unhappiness  

Mukesh, M. and Gonçalves, D.Social Networking Sites—An Affiliation Desire and Envy Perspective for Consumer Loyalty 

Mukesh M. A Study of Female Empowerment through Smoking Narratives: The Perspective of Urban Educated Women in India. 

Mukesh M. and Goncalves, D "G(L)ive today, Die tomorrow":  Role of Construal in personal versus Collective Mortality Salience and its impact on Charitable Giving