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I am a doctoral researcher at the University of Westminster in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures. My research interests concern issues of migration, with a particular focus on the diasporic experiences, perspectives and contributions of young people of African heritage in Europe. This includes the understanding of the formation of transnational cultural identities and sense of belonging, as well as cultural representations of race, ethnicity, and gender, through the study of material culture.

I received a BA Honours in Oriental History, Cultures and Civilization from the University of Bologna in Italy, and a double MA Honours in African Studies from the University of Bologna and Dalarna University in Sweden, for which my dissertation focused on identity construction amongst young Eritreans living in Bologna.


My PhD research project focuses on cultural identity performances and transnational fashion and beauty practices among the young Congolese community in London. The main aim of the research is to evaluate and document the cultural and social impact that the Congolese heritage and the multicultural context of London have upon young Congolese individuals’ sense of multiple identities. This is investigated from the perspective of aspects of everyday cultural life, with special attention on aesthetic rituals of the body as the central means of individual and collective representation and forms of material culture.

Overall, the research actively takes a multidisciplinary approach, encompassing cultural, ethnographic, and Black/migration studies along with material culture and the body, human geography, gender, performance, and transnational fashion studies.