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I came to Westminster in October 1997, when I obtained a scholarship to study for a PhD in Communications from the CCIS, (the forerunner of CAMRI), completing in December 2000. My thesis was on the press of C19 Irish immigrants to Britain. In 2002 I was appointed a Research Fellow to work on an AHRC/BBC funded project to produce volume 6 of the official history of the BBC, led by Prof Jean Seaton, (to be published in 2014 by Profile Books). This I did until 2009. Subsequently I have been teaching on various undergraduate and postgraduate courses, while continuing to research and publish. I have been the Director of the CAMRI PhD Programme since 2010, and we now have over 60 PhD students enrolled.

Recent Phd subjects supervised to completion include images of the West in Iranian journalism, the news reading habits of Palestinians in the diaspora, media coverage of dissent focusing on the Stop The War Coalition, Victorian newspapers and the popularisation of scientific knowledge and the coverage of climate change. I am also supervising students studying the media, ethnicity and politics in Nigeria, networks of investigative  journalists, pedagogy and journalism and the coverage of conflict with reference to Al-Jazeera English.


I teach media history to undergraduates and the sociology of news to MA students.


My research interests centre around media history, both British and Irish, the media and nationalism and the media and politics generally. I research and publish on C19 Irish journalism, especially the journalism of the Irish diaspora. Currently I am building a website based on the work I have done, using google maps, which will be both a means of disseminating my work and will be a research tool in itself. I am also still working on BBC history. I am involved in a research bid with colleagues on children's perceptions of television. I will be researching in the BBC archive for this.