About me

Elizabeth Mavropoulou studied law in Athens (LLB) and trained as solicitor in two law firms in Athens. She is a greek qualified attorney at law (non practising). She  completed her postgraduate degree in Law at the University of Westminster in International Law (LLM, Distinction). Upon completion of her master degree she was awarded the Oxford University Press Prize for best international law LLM student for the academic year 2013-2014. 

She went further to  work in the NGO human rights sector on maritime welfare where her work focused on research, advocacy and publications. Currently she is a Doctorate Researcher at the University of Westminster, researching on international refugee law and she retains an advisory position within NGO Human Rights at Sea.

She returned back to academia for research and teaching and with an ultimate aim to pursue an academic career. 


Elizabeth's publications:

Peer reviewed academic journals

1.     “Targeting in the Cyber Domain: Legal challenges arising from the application of the principle of distinction to cyber attacks”, Journal of Law and Cyberwarfare, Volume 4, Issue 2, Spring 2015.

Publications under Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) Publishing House

2.     “Human rights and Labour rights; the two sets of rights and the interplay between” Elizabeth Mavropoulou, (2016) Human Rights at Sea, First Submission for the Human Rights at Sea Legal Research Programme, available at https://www.humanrightsatsea.org/research-programme/.

3.     HRAS Legal Review and Commentary on Ali Samatar and Others v. France, (applications nos. 17110/10 and 17301/10) and Hassan and Others v. France, (Applications 46695/10 and 54588/10)  “The European Court of Human Rights finds detention of apprehended pirates by France to be a violation of their right to liberty and security because of a delay in judicial process”, Elisabeth Mavropoulou (LLM) & David Hammond, (Barrister & Founder Human Rights at Sea International Initiative), 1st January 2015 . 

Research Project/Leading Research Assistant:

4.     EU MARSAFENET and Human rights at Sea, “Deprivation of Liberty at Sea”, Independent International Guidance on Deprivation of Liberty at Sea by Shipmasters, crew and/or Private Contracted Armed Security Personnel”.  Authors David E. Hammond GDL and Dr. Anna Petrig LLM.


Elizabeth researches the concept of responsibility - sharing in international refugee law under the prism of the principle of common but differentiated responsibility, for the purposes of understanding its potential as guiding principle to the Refugee Convention’s implementation. Her general research interests are public international law, international refugee and human rights law, international humanitarian law and the law of the sea. Elizabeth’s is also genuinely interested in the interplay of international law and international relations.