About me

Luis Martins, is a PhD researcher in the areas of Collective memory and politics of memory within post-fascist and post-soviet democracies. In addition to it, he is a visiting lecturer in the DPIR and the Head of social Sciences and a 6th form teacher of Philosophy and Government & Politics at Chelsea Independent College in London. He is also a Research administrator in the European Union 'TEMPUS/ABDEM' project focused on a human rights based approach to higher education in the Maghreb region. 



Visiting lecturer: Political Ideas in Action at University of Westminster.

Head of Social Sciences and Teacher of GCSE and A-Level at Chelsea Independent College London:  Philosophy, Religious Studies, Government and Politics, Sociology. 


 MPhil/PhD Doctoral researcher: Collective memory, Democracy and the politics of memory

To evaluate the extent to which the instrumentalisation of political memory hinders and enhances deliberation in democracy as well as the importance of framing discourses. A comparative study between post-fascist regimes and post-soviet ones.