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I joined the Department of English, Linguistics and Cultural Studies at Westminster as a Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Fellow in summer 2015. Prior to coming to Westminster, I taught at the Department of English Studies, Durham University. I hold a PhD in English from Durham and an MA in Comparative Literature from King's College London. In 2014 I was an Eccles Centre Fellow in American Studies at the British Library and a visiting researcher at Dartmouth College, USA in April 2015.

At Westminster, I teach on BA in English Literature (contributing to the Level 4 Introduction to Arts and Culture, Level 4 Keywords, Level 5 Critical Perspectives and Level 5 Making Memory) and MA in Modern and Contemporary Fiction (co-teaching core module Institutions and Histories). 

I also work alongside Dr Sara Dominici, overseeing day-to-day running of MA in Art and Visual Culture. I am a Module Leader for the core module Visual Culture: Production, Display and Discourse and the Art and Visual Culture Dissertation module.  

I supervise undergraduate extended essays and dissertations and MA dissertations in Art and Visual Culture, Cultural and Critical Studies, and Modern and Contemporary Literature. 

I also have a long-standing commitment to Access to Higher Education teaching and I have designed and delivered a number of outreach courses and summer schools. 

My research interests span avant-garde and experimental art and writing, appropriation-based practices (related notions of ownership, originality, creativity and innovation), hybrid creative-critical forms and innovative forms of criticism, visual and material cultures, contemporary cultural, literary and art theory, digital culture, as well as intersections of humanities, technology and law. 

I have recently completed my fist book, which investigates the implications of the increasingly prominent propensity to copy as a creative practice in contemporary culture. In this project I develop a concept of The Iterative Turn and make an attempt at defining a cultural condition that triggers novel attitudes to creativity in order to explore the possibilities of a reconceptualisation of copying as a critical praxis. 

My other publications focus on ideas of formal experimentation, conceptual writing, originality, curatorial practices in contemporary writing, digital culture, as well as contemporary surveillance practices online and explore works of writers and artists such as Robert Fitterman, Mimi Cabell, Jason Huff, Bob Brown, Helene Hegemamnn, Michel Houellebecq, Kenneth Goldsmith, and Shia LaBeouf, among others. 

My current research builds on ideas explored in my monograph and interrogates diverse developments triggered by or related to The Iterative Turn, including the emergence of curatorial culture as a dominant contemporary model of cultural production, practices of re-performance and re-staging exhibitions, contemporary uses of appropriation in digital media, film, and photography, digital hoax culture and digital kitsch. These interests are related to my ongoing project exploring appropriation in 20th and 21st centuries. 

I am also at the early stages of developing a new research project. Responding to the rise to prominence of the notion of post-truth, this new research investigates the impact of post-truth media and politics on contemporary art, art institutions and art policy. 

In 2015/16 I curated a series of events at Carroll/Fletcher gallery in London showcasing contemporary experimental writing practices and interrogating ideas of experimentation in the arts today. I was also the organiser of the UK premiere of Mark Amerika's Immobilité an experimental mobile phone film, which was shown in May 2016 at the Regent Street cinema in London. 

Related to my interest in hybrid creative-critical forms I am currently working on a new publication based on Forms of Criticism symposium. The event, which took place at Parasol Unit in June 2016, brought together artists, curators, critics, writers and academics engaging in hybrid creative-critical practices (more information available via www.formsofcriticism.net

I am also a Principal Investigator on a BA/Leverhulme Trust funded project on Critical Digital Humanities (co-run with Dr Aden Evens at Dartmouth College, USA). 


The Iterative Turn (2016)
Marczewska, K. 2016. The Iterative Turn. PARSE. 3, pp. 13-28.


Erasing in the algorithmic extreme: Mimi Cabell and Jason Huff’s 'American Psycho' (2015)
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Modular Form as a Curatorial Practice (2014)
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Jeff Noon and the contemporary aesthetics of uncreativity (2015)
Marczewska, K. 2015. Jeff Noon and the contemporary aesthetics of uncreativity. in: Venezia, T. and Leggett, B. (ed.) Twenty-first-century British fiction Canterbury, Kent Gylphi Limited. pp. 267-291
Look before you cook: 1450-1950 (2015)
Marczewska, K. and Brown, B. 2015. Look before you cook: 1450-1950. in: Saper, C. (ed.) Bob Brown: 1450-1950 New York Roving Eye Press.


'There is no such thing as originality anyway... ': authorship in the age of digital reproduction (2014)
Marczewska, K. 2014. 'There is no such thing as originality anyway... ': authorship in the age of digital reproduction. in: Cobb, R. (ed.) The paradox of authenticity in a globalized world New York Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 157-174


Heritage North N8/AHRC Consortium report (2013)
Marczewska, K. 2013. Heritage North N8/AHRC Consortium report. Durham University, Durham Research in English at Durham (READ) .


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