About me

I was born in Helsinki in 1964 and got my matriculation exam (overall grade Laudatur) in 1982. As I had always been interested in languages, I left to Paris for one year and worked as an au pair to finance my language studies. In 1983 I started studies in French linguistics, sociology and gender studies at the University of Helsinki.  While studying, I worked in hotel business. I graduated in 1991 with a Master of Arts degree and completed my teacher's training in 1994.

I am married, we have two daughters and we live near Helsinki. Studying has always been my hobby and passion alongside cooking, gardening, literature, opera  and theatre. In late 90's I started to study part-time towards a Licentiate degree and it was completed in 2004.


While finalizing my MA, I started to teach French on a part-time basis at Malmi Business College, Helsinki, where I could continue with a full-time contract after graduation. Initially, I taught French but soon I got also other responsibilities such as counseling and various intermational activities.

Malmi Business College underwent a transition to higher education with the renewal of the Finnish HE system and became a part of Haaga University of Applied Sciences. At  that time, I got more involved with the administrative work, curriculum planning, recognition of prior learning and international cooperation. Since 2011 I have worked as Principal Lecturer of the adult (part-time) degree programmes at Haaga unit within hotel, restaurant and tourism management. Nowadays, my teaching of French is limited to courses in culinary terminology, and my teaching hours are mostly assigned to Bachelor's thesis counseling and seminars.


In my Master's thesis I studied French pronouns referring to the author in scientific discourse, with a corpus from Claude Lévi-Strauss' texts. In the Licentiate dissertation I broadened to a more  lexical approach with ICT neologisms, adopted to French from English and created in French. The corpus was collected in French economic press. In 2016, I completed a Master's degree in sociology, where the dissertation topic was a comparative analysis of foodie online discourse in Finnish and French, based on food blogs. This study is a preliminary phase to my PhD on totemic foods.