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I received my first PhD in Russia in 2012 on the subject of Value preferences and cultural wealth of population in the region ethnocultural development context and for three years fulfilled the position of junior lecturer in Social sciences in Russia.


The subject of my thesis is the professional activity of women in Russia and Britain. Although the feminist movement developed sharply in Europe in the second part of the 20th century and made great steps to extend opportunities for women to realise their rights, including the right for professional development, there is still not a lot of modern European women in the top positions. In this context, Russia is  developing in a different direction but the present  situation in Russian society is far from desirable. Nowadays, we can observe an informal exclusion of modern women from many professional fields and, as a result of this social practice, the true potential of many women goes unfulfilled. My research is a comparative study that contrasts the phenomenon of the professional activity of women in two above mentioned countries and defines the differences of each society for employment.