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About me

I am holding a PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Dept. of Computer Science, Institute of Information Systems, Zurich, Switzerland. I am also holding a Master's degree from the University of Karlsruhe, Faculty of Computer Science, Institute for Programme Structures and Data Organisation, Karlsruhe, Germany, as well as a honours degree from the University of Athens, Greece, in Informatics and Statistics. I gained some entrepreneurial experience with spin-out companies (e.g., ETH spin-off) as a result of knowledge transfer partnerships between academic research and businesses. I have published more than 60 peer reviewed papers in journals and conferences, as well as a recently finished book, with Taylor and Francis, all contributing to contemporary research questions in computing.

Academic qualifications

  • January 2002 - June 2003, Postdoctoral position at ETH-Zurich, Dept. of Computer Science, Institute for Computational Science
  • January 1997 - December 2001, Ph.D (ETH Zurich): Research assistant, doctoral position at ETH-Zurich (Ph.D.), Zurich, Switzerland, Department of Computer Science, Institute of Information Systems
  • April 1988 - 1990, M.Sc. in Information Systems: Postgraduate studies (M.Sc.) in the Institute of Program Structures and Data Organization, Information Systems, Faculty of Computer Science, Technical University (TU) Karlsruhe, Germany
  • 1983 - 1987, Degree in Informatics, Ikonomikon Panepistimion Athinwn (Athens University of Economics, Greece) , Department of Statistics and Informatics

Industrial and Commercial Experience

  • Co-founder and Principal of an ETH spin-off company, Semantic Technologies GmbH
  • Project manager at the Institute for Applied Computer Science, Research Centre Karlsruhe - Technology and Environment, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Consulting at OSConsult GmbH on Semantic Web and Knowledge Management, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Research collaboration and knowledge transfer in Semantic Technologies, Collective Intelligence and Information Access/Integration respectively with: OSIC Ltd; Vodafone; and Endeca Technologies Inc.


All modules, I am currently teaching, are informed and enriched by research in Semantic and Cognitive Computing. For instance, study material and course works for Algorithms (Design, Implementation, Evaluation), level 5, are aligned with corresponding syllabus, lectures and assessments at Princeton University, USA. The module, as one of the most fundamental courses in computer science, discusses the design and implementation of efficient algorithms, which are capable of resolving computational problems in other disciplines such as biology, chemistry, electronics, computer science and manufacturing industry, games industry. Similarly, the study material on Web Intelligence, level 6, draws upon state of the art information retrieval and knowlege representation, with particular emphasis on the next Web generation and its challenges (e.g., Linked Open Data, Text Analytics, Search, Social Network Analysis, Recommendation Systems, Semantic Annotation)


Current research interests

Semantic Computing, Information Retrieval and Search, Algorithms, Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Computational Linguistics, Knowledge and Data Engineering, Ontologies, Information Extraction, Knowledge Representation, Information Science Research group/area: Semantic Computing Grants: Ref. KTP 007326 (Semantic Technology for Web Governance) - UK Technology Strategy Board Ref. Feasibilty Studies 130434, 130684 (Semantic Mashups for Optimisation of Traffic Management) - UK Technology Strategy Board.