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I am a Medical Herbalist and Abdominal Massage Therapist. I also practice Functional Medicine, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Heartmath Coaching and Aromatherapy. I have a special interest in food allergies and intolerances and their contribution to chronic disease, women's health and digestive disorders. I am the author of Modern Herbal Medicine (currently only available in German) and founder of the Be Well London Graduate Clinic. 


I have extensive experience in teaching Herbal Medicine and Complementary Health courses in the UK and abroad at varying levels.

I have been lecturing at Westminster for 10 years teaching herbal medicine and clinical skills. Due to my background as a management consultant I am module leader for the Starting your practice module. I am running a certification course for 'Herbal Educators' in Austria


Member of the College of the Practitioners of Phytotherapy (UK)  Arvigo Therapy Association (USA).