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I have a master degree in Political Studies (Sciences Po Lyon, 2012), a master degree of Philosophy and Contemporary Critiques of Culture (Paris 8 Vincennes - Saint-Denis, 2012), and a master degree in Editorial Policies (Paris 13 Nord, 2013). For each of these degrees, I wrote a dissertation, whose respective titles were: "Introduction for a Theory of Resistance in Art and Law”, “Resistant Normativities: Questioning Resistance through Minorities”, and “Taking Sides in Social Sciences Publishing”. I also spent an exchange year at La Trobe University (Melbourne, 2009-2010) where I specifically studied Michel Foucault's work. I worked in publishing and journalism for five years before joining the University of Westminster in order to start a PhD on the production of threats and the problematisation of the concept of xenophobia in postcolonial France.

I am the main investigator for the seminar series "French Politics: A Neigbour's 'History of the Present'", organised by the Centre for the Study of Democracy and the Institute for Modern and Contemporary Culture, with the support of the French embassy in the UK and the Political Studies Association. Introduced by Eric Fassin, this monthly series has been structured into three cycles:

Those events are free and open to all, but booking is necessary here.


  • 2018-2020: Visiting Lecturer at the University of Westminster. Module: "Themes in Contemporary French and Francophone Studies" (BA in French and International Relations, Year 3).
  • 2018-2020: Teaching assistant at the University of Westminster. Weekly tutorials of the module "Themes in Contemporary French and Francophone Studies" (BA in French and International Relations, Year 3).
  • October 2016: Visiting lecturer at the New College of Political Studies (NCEP – Paris 8/Paris 10): “Norms and Discourses in the Competition between the Relations of Power and the Dynamics of Resistance” (BA in Political Studies, Year 2).
  • November 2012: Visiting Lecturer at the Finish Ministry of National Education, for the French Institute: “Societal Debates in France (2007-2012)”


The temporary title of my PhD thesis is "Producing Threats: A Problematisation of Xenophobia in Postcolonial France".

I undertake this research at the Centre for the Sudy of Democracy and at the School of Social Sciences (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) of the University of Westminster, under the supervision of Paulina Tambakaki