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Irena Itova (MSc, BSc) is the co-founder of UniverCities and PhD researcher in technology-led innovation supporting sustainable urbanism, with the University of Westminster. She is educated architectural technologist and project manager, with nearly 10 years of professional and academic experience as an architect and urban planner, within the public and private sector. 


Irena works with research and innovation oriented projects, connecting academic research and practical implementation. The projects implement high degree of innovative (technological and digital transformation) practices over the living and built environment. She studies the versatile and dynamic influence of technology (digital economy and hyper-connected society) over the modern urban environment. She conducts analyses of the societal impact that the pervasive presence of technology brings in modern cities and metropolises. Her professional efforts are dedicated in steering this influence towards positive societal change. She strongly believes that innovative and disruptive phenomena, creating eminent shift in the economy and society at large, can be used to support more efficient and sustainable cities, organized and governed with a human-centric approach. Her research and practical work relates to human-centred digital transformation of the built environment, supporting sustainable urbanism, while creating healthy and happy future cities for people.


For details of all my research outputs, visit my WestminsterResearch profile.