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Wareed Alenaini, a PhD researcher in Professor Jimmy Bell team who is the head of the research center of optimal health. Wareed is a young scientist, finished her master degree at Imperial College in Molecular Imaging and currently late stage Ph.D. researcher in fat imaging and body composition.  Her research goal is to help develop a new mechanistic understanding for obesity-related disease progression, which will lead to better use of existing obesity therapies. Long-term, Wareed hopes that her work will help design new anti-obesity strategies, as well as more personalized obesity treatments. These treatments could impact significantly on the current UK public health spending, which amounts to around £47 billion every year of direct and indirect spend on obesity*. On a long term, her aim of is Redefining health and healthy individuals especially with emerging phenotypes such as fat but fit and skinny but fat.

She is amazed by fat as very complex component and in her research, she trying to answer questions like why fat deposit in certain areas more than others?, why certain people eat so much and still skinny? And why diets never work with some people?

She awarded the Excellence scholar award three times in raw and honored to be invited by HRH Saudi Ambassador in the United Kingdom to deliver the excellence speech in front of prestigious audience includes Chancellor Philip Hammound.  Wareed also is an excellent science communicator and awarded the best oral talk at the 8th global obesity conference on her paper the ethnic differences in body fat deposition. She is been interviewed in several Arabic TV channels and newspapers discussing the topic of fat and obesity. 

Media appearance: 

Wareed hosted on Good morning Arabs tv programme on Alarabyia TV to discuss her research and its implications in expanding healthy life excpectancy. 


She also had an article published about her research program, Ethic Differences in Fat Deposition, in the renowned web-based Arabic newspaper, Al Arabyia.The article includes details of the work that Wareed is currently conducting using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), to understand the importance of body fat distribution in the development and progression of major diseases, including diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Alenaini interviewed on the live TV showAlwatan-Alyaum on the Alaan TV channel where she discussed her research plan, the current stage of the investigation and the possible outcomes.

*According to the Guardian.