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I have been teaching and researching in the UK since 2007; prior to this I had a number of positions in Poland, Australia and France. During this time I have organized several international conferences on The Fall, Subcultures and Lifestyles in Eastern Europe, Polish Cinema, and Noise as well as numerous seminar series. I was involved with the foundation of the journal Studies in Eastern European Cinema and worked as both Reviews editor and Co-Editor and am now serving on the editorial board. I was also a founding member of the Network for European Cinema and Media Studies (NECS) and served for three years on the publications committee working towards the successful establishment of the NECSUS journal amongst other activities. As well as actively developing an international research and teaching profile, I have been active in numerous conferences and other events in the UK and Europe, North America, Latin America and the Antipodes and has delivered invited presentations in many of these locations. Recently I was awarded the CAPES/Science without Borders Special Visiting Researcher Fellowship,  valued at 46,000£, for a three-year project with researchers from UNISINOS,  Brazil on Cites, Creative Industries and Popular Music Scenes (2014-2016). I am the course leader of the Film, Television and Moving Image MA at Westminster. Prior to this I was PGR Director of the School of Arts and Media at the University  of Salford. I have also been a Visiting Professor at the University of Łódź, Poland (2004-2007) and before that held numerous positions including Lecturer  in Television at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) and  Lecteur d’anglais at the Charles V Institute, of the University of Paris 7.


My teaching is focused on the MA in Film,  Television and Moving Image and ranges between film and television studies  and a range of media theories. In the past I have taught a wide range of  film, television and media studies courses at both undergraduate and  postgraduate levels, including interdisciplinary teaching in sound studies  and alternative media practices. I have supervised multiple MA dissertations, and several PhD students to successful completion.

I am interested in PhD supervision in film, television and audiovisual media, especially involving the methodologies and conceptual approaches of post-cinema, cult and radical film and television, internet-distributed television, transnational cinema, media archaeology, media ecologies, and Deleuzian and post-Deleuzian film and media philosophy.

Current PhD Supervisions

Monika Jaeckel

Motion embedded mind agency concepts: Self-other co-constitution in intra-active knowledge production. Joint supervisor with Margherita Sprio as Main Supervisor. From 01/2017

Iram Ghufran

Wandering in a Forest of Make Believe: Exploring the Plastic Virtuality of Yiwu. Joint supervisor, main supervisor, Joshua Oppenheimer. From 10/2017.

David Leahy

Musicians in Space - An investigation into a spatialized approach to the performance of free improvised music. DOS from July 2019. 

Fotios Belkgis

Grand Tour - An Interactive Essay Film. DOS from February 2018.

Cecilia Zoppelletto

Decoloniality through 'Development Films': Constructing and Re-Constructing the Zairian Spirit on Film. Second supervisor from Jauary, 2018.

Past PhD Supervisions

Petro Gkikas 

Adapting poetics: a fusion of ideas in literature to film adaptation

Main Supervisor 9/2011 to 1/2016. Awarded

Daniel Cookney 

Masked: Depictions of Anonymity in Electronic Dance Music

Main Supervisor, 9/2010-9/2014. Awarded

Mohammad Mesawa 

The role of Facebook and Twitter in generating social and political change during the Arab Spring uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt

Main Supervisor, 4/2012 to 9/2016. Awarded

Pavel Prokipic 

Between narrative/semiotic structure and the moving body

Main Supervisor, 9/2015-9/2016. Awarded

Juan Hiriart 

Gaming The Past: Designing and Using Digital Games as Historical

Learning Contexts

Main Supervisor, 9/2012-9/2016, awarded

Dalia Neis

Wind vision: towards a ‘cinemeteorology’

Main/Joint Supervisor, 9/2014-9/2016, awarded

Deborah Gabriel

Black British Blogging in the UK

Joint Supervisor, 9/2012-9/2014, awarded.

Abddullah Al-Maghlooth 

The Relevance of Gatekeeping in the Process of Contemporary News Creation and Circulation in Saudi Arabia

Joint Supervisor, 9/2012-9/2014, awarded.

Thais Aragao

Searching for media and mediations: sound map making as a set of communicative practices

Joint supervisor for six month ‘sandwich’ period, main supervisor Fabricio Silveira (Unisinos) 09/2016-03/2017, awarded


My research broadly falls under three key areas of transnational cinema, popular music and media theory.

In terms of the former, I have especially developed a strong profile in European cinemas, focusing on Polish and Eastern European cinemas. This is evident from my numerous book chapters and journal articles in this field, including my articles for Studies in French Cinema and Framework, as well as being asked to contribute a chapter on the Polish New Wave to the Blackwell Companion to Eastern European Cinemas (2012). My international reputation in the field was further developed through my co-editorship of the Studies in Eastern European Cinema that quickly became the leading journal in this field. It is also apparent in the edited publication Polish Cinema in a Transnational Context (Rochester, 2014) based on the conference I co-organised. This transnational focus also informed my monograph on the cinema of Raúl Ruiz, Impossible Cartographies (2013), which was the first comprehensive academic work in English on this important filmmaker. 

In terms of popular music studies, I have written a series of publications on post-punk and industrial music, including a journal article for Angelaki on the Slovenian group Laibach. As an indication of the impact of this research, I was invited on this basis to participate and give a plenary address at the 30 years of Laibach and NSK symposium in Trbovlje, Slovenia, and subsequently provided liner notes for the band’s deluxe box set release of their early recordings by the Vinyl on Demand label. I also organised the Messing up the Paintwork international conference on The Fall (2008), which led to a successful edited volume and subsequently continued this line of research through the organisation of the Noise, Affect, Politics conference (2010) which was truly international with participants from Brazil, Singapore, Japan, the US, the Netherlands, France and Canada. This event led to two successful book publications with Bloomsbury that have had a strong impact in the field of sound studies and are definitive publications on noise. 

Finally I am a media theorist, especially in the fields of media ecology and media archaeology, as well as in digital media. In terms of the former, this methodology informed several of my publications, most notably in the special “Unnatural Ecologies” issue of Fibreculture I co-edited with Jussi Parikka which has been widely cited and has had a significant impact on the field. In media archaeology, my most significant contribution is my recently published article for New Media and Society, which looks at media archaeology as a materialist method of media research. The article critically engages with media archaeology as a set of research methods, and investigates its potential value for engaging with Internet research, in particular bringing out the political stakes of media archaeology as a methodology. Related to this I have written several articles based around Italian post-autonomist media theory, especially the work of Franco Berardi, whose writings I have also translated. In particular I have written about his use of cinema and video art as means of diagnosing contemporary forms of mediated subjectivity, as was evidenced in my article for the journal Subjectivity. Most recently my monograph, Guerrilla Networks, the culmination of this research, is being published by Amsterdam University Press. I have been invited to present my media research in Brazil, the US, Canada, and Germany, as well as in the UK.


For details of all my research outputs, visit my WestminsterResearch profile.