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I joined the Department of Life Sciences at the University of Westminster in September 2016 as a Lecturer in Molecular Biology and Genetics and hold a Honorary Research Associate status in the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment at University College London.

I am an evolutionary biologist, experienced in analyzing genetic data using simulation modeling approaches to infer evolutionary processes shaping patterns of genetic diversity. I aim to apply my skills to investigate the evolution and spread of infectious diseases.

I studied for degree in Life Sciences and Anthropology in France, Molecular Biology in Canada, and learned how to apply programming skills to test evolutionary hypotheses in Switzerland. 


 - Course to PhD students: Introduction to simulation modeling in archaeology and population genetics in R (UCL, 2015); Course on introduction to statistics using R (PhDs and postdoctoral researchers, University of Bristol, 2014); Course on ‘Introduction to programming in Python’ (UCL - LeCHE, 2010)

- Course to M.Sc. students: Seminar series Introduction to Population Genetics and Human Evolution (Anthropological and Archaeological Genetics module, UCL, 2010-2015); Teaching Assistant in Biomathematics (University of Geneva, Switzerland, 2008)


My PhD, based in University College London with Prof. Mark Thomas, was part of a European FP7 framework (LeCHE) and focused on using modeling approaches to investigate evolutionary hypotheses while integrating archaeology, anthropology and genetics data, more specifically looking at the evolution of lactase persistence in Europe, the distribution of the EDAR variant in Asia, and mitochondrial DNA diversity in domestic goats.

I was then involved in a Leverhulme Trust funded project “Hunter-Gatherer Resilience” led by Anthropologist Dr Andrea Migliano, to investigate genetic adaptations in short-stature hunter-gatherer (Pygmy) populations from the Congo and the Philippines.

I have also contributed to archaeological research with collaborators in the School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, and in the Museum national d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris. I thrive in diverse and interdisciplinary research.