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About me

I received my undergraduate and Masters degree in history from Queen Mary, University of London before moving (after a brief stop over in the private sector) to the University of Westminster to undertake a PhD (part-time) in the field of national identity. 

Outside of academia, I am currently serving as a local councillor for my home ward on Havering Borough Council where I am the lead member for health and adult care services.


My thesis is entitled From a Confessional to a Nation State? The Church of England and Identity, 1780-1838 and seeks to place in this period the unraveling of an English identity which, up to this point, had been defined almost exclusively by one's confessional adherence (or not) to the Church of England. Through a confluence of socio-economic, political and theological changes, this hitherto sound basis to the Englishman's understanding of self was swept away and in its place was created a far more idealised and intangible focus of loyalty - namely 'that Nation.'

In addition to my thesis I have given the following papers:

Church, State and Parliament in the Late Eighteenth Century Martyrdom Sermons of the 30th January 

Institute of Historical Research: Parliaments, Politics & People Seminar (15th March, 2016)

- Our Israelitish Origin: British Israelism, a search for an alternative British Identity?

Social History Society Conference (5th April, 2017)