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I am a senior lecturer in the University of Westminster. My interest in civil and structural engineering and materials lead me to study for a civil engineering degree and then follow it with a Master and PhD in structural engineering. I joined the University of Westminster as a research assistant in concrete structures, dealing with concrete frames. My professional interest is in the field of concrete structures and concrete-as-a-material and I am a practicing engineer.

I have a strong interest in research in materials' properties for structural purposes, in particular concrete.

I enjoy working with students and provide friendly and enthusiastic tutorial sessions to suit the individual students' needs. To enhance this activity I have taken a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education. I keep up with current practices in my field and am particularly interested in applications of Eurocode in design and choice of materials.

External Activities

My external activities are based on practice of structural design and consultancies in both public and private sectors, including building control departments of local authorities.

I have been involved in a number of design projects ranging from bridge assessment, designing of underpinning schemes, structural surveys of high rise buildings to concrete frame analysis of an eleven-storey building. These experiences have given me the opportunity to bring the benefits of current practice in engineering to the classroom and to familiarise students with practical application of their topics and enhance my own teaching. I am currently an active graduate member of the Institution of Structural Engineers.


My teaching is mainly related to structures and behaviour of materials. I am the Module Leader and teach Structural Principles Module at Level 5. It involves fundamentals of design of structural elements such as beams, columns and floor slabs using a variety of materials; steel, concrete, masonry and timber.

My other teaching area is the behaviour of materials. In this topic I teach the properties of materials; metal, concrete and timber. I am particularly involved in experimental work in the laboratory, to teach students the bonding behaviour of composite elements and design and test of connection joints of different materials in structures.

I am the Module leader and teach the Building Engineering and Fire Safety Module at Level 6, in which students become familiar with various activities related to building projects and in particular fire safety aspects and its applications in a building. It involves undertaking a major engineering project by students, based on real construction projects involving site visits to complement the theoretical teaching.

I supervise undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations and contribute to departmental administrative activities.

I am the Course Leader for Building Engineering Course.


My research activities started with a research programme on concrete frame structures for my research degree where I worked on the effects of membrane forces on the behaviour of reinforced concrete frames. My research and development activities are combined with my work experience as an educator and as a professional engineer who brings the benefits of practical work to the classroom. My current research is based on concrete-as-a-material, and encompasses the functionality of concrete with different properties for a variety of applications, and in particular for repair and strengthening of structures. My further research is based on energy efficient concrete for structural use, and composite fibre and steel reinforced concrete. Each year a number of students in our Programme undertake research for their dissertation on experimental work in the laboratory on a different aspects of concrete-as-a-material, under my supervision, and explore a different property of concrete with a variety of additives for stronger and lighter concrete.