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Having gained a BSc (Hons) in Analytical Chemistry at Birkbeck, London, I joined the King’s College London (KCL) to complete a PhD in Physiology entitled “Transporters that regulate pH in the brain with emphasis on brain endothelial expression and glial induction”.

Following a two-year period in industry, where I investigated fitness-for-purpose of different cell culture models, I returned to KCL where I held several post-doctoral posts and gained expertise in a variety of disciplines including:

·         physiology and pharmacology of the blood-brain barrier (BBB)

·         transcytosis of protein through the mammalian cerebral endothelium

·         lysosomal storage disorders

·         stroke

·         BBB and psychiatric disorders

·         vascular ageing

·         nutritional aspects of ageing.

My research mainly focuses on vascular biology, particularly the BBB. As a post-doctoral research associate with Dr David Begley in the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science at KCL, I investigated clinically-relevant intravenous delivery of an extensive range of radiolabelled proteins, focusing on enzyme replacement therapy to treat lysosomal storage diseases in the CNS. Our research findings resulted in significant publications in Science Translation Medicine and Annals of Neurology.

From 2014-2017 I worked as Tutor in Medical Education at the Department of Psychological medicine (IoPPN, KCL). During this time I developed an interest in the role of the BBB in psychiatric disorders, which resulted in published review in Lancet Psychiatry. In 2015 I was appointed as a Teaching Fellow at the department of Physiology (KCL) where I led the Biology of Ageing module. My research-led teaching has enabled me to extend my expertise in numerous aspects of vascular ageing and develop an interest in nutritional aspects of the ageing, namely the role of proteotoxicity, phytochemicals and calorie restriction.

In December 2019 I joined the Department of Life Science, University of Westminster, as a Lecturer in Physiology.

I am a member of the Physiological Society and Fellow of Higher Education Academy. 


I am the Module Leader for the Advanced Pharmacology and Toxicology (Level 6) and  contribute widely to a variety of undergraduate (level 4, 5 and 6) modules. I also supervise BSc and MSc research Projects. 

Modules: Human Physiology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Applications of Biological Science, Medical Physiology (deouty module leader), Contemporary Global Issues, Physiological networks, Applied Medical Sciences, Topics in Neuroscience.