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Dr Sheikh Selim

Senior Lecturer

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Sheikh Selim completed PhD in Economics from University of Southampton in 2005. He joined WBS in June 2012, having previously been a lecturer of Economics at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University (2005-2012).

Sheikh's main research areas are Macroeconomics, Economic Growth & Development, and Public Finance. He has published papers on Optimal Tax Theory and Agricultural Productivity & Growth in Asian Economies in renowned journals such as Applied Economics, Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis in Social Sciences and Economics Bulletin. His current works in progress include the growth and welfare effects of optimal tax policy, banking development and productivity in South Asian economies, and agricultural productivity and growth in China.


Ph.D. (Econ), University of Southampton
M.Sc. Economics of Development, The Australian National University
M.SS. Economics, University of Dhaka
B.A. Economics, Aligarh Muslim University

Professional memberships

Association of Public Economic Theory

Consultancy and professional practice

Sheikh is the Associate Editor for the AIUB Journal of Business & Economics (www.ajbe.info), a peer reviewed scholarly journal (online and print) published bi-annually from Bangladesh. He is affilated as a visiting research fellow in American International University-Bangladesh.

Sheikh has served as a referee for Journal of Public Economic Theory, Journal of Macroeconomics, European Economic Review, International Economic Review, Singapore Economic Review, ESRC, Qatar Foundation, University of Wales Press, Cambridge University Press, among others.


Sheikh's main teaching interests are in Macroeconomic Theory and Policy, Economic Growth and Development, Microeconomic Theory and Financial Economics. His current teaching portfolio in WBS include Financial Markets and Institutions, Economic Theory and Policy and International Development Finance.

Sheikh has extensive teaching experience in all levels of academia. He has previously taught Financial Economics, Advanced Topics in Public Finance, Development Finance, and Microeconomics of Uncertainty in Cardiff Business School, Applied Time Series Econometrics and International Trade Theory in Portsmouth Business School, and Macroeconomics and Microeconomics in University of Southampton.
Sheikh's current research include the growth and welfare effects of optimal tax policy, and issues related to the productivity and growth in Chinese agriculture. On optimal tax theory, he is currently working on the issues of the social or welfare cost of optimal tax policy in an imperfectly competitive economy, the redistribution aspects of optimal tax policy in multi sector economies and the impact of wage subsidy on economic growth and welfare. On these issues Sheikh's main concentration is on developing micro-founded general equilibrium models of optimal taxation, the numerical methods associated with these models, and the calibration of these models.

On Economic Growth and productivity, his current works include technical efficiency, labour productivity and the impact of policy reforms on these aspects of Chinese agriculture. In this area, Sheikh works mainly on micro-founded optimizing models and uses panel data econometrics to empirically examine the underlying reasons of the recent decline in wheat production in China.

Sheikh is also working on the growth effects of tax reforms in Europe, and the effect of banking reforms on productivity of commercial banks in Nepal.


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