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About me

I am an environmental anthropologist with an interest in participatory research approaches. I currently work as a Research Fellow on Monsoon Assemblages, European Research Council Grant no. 679873, investigating the confluence of changing monsoon weather and processes of rapid urbanisation in South Asian cities. 

Following an MA in Social Anthropology and an MA in Research Methods for Anthropology, my ESRC funded PhD research explored the use of participatory video as a method for collaborative research with semi-nomadic pastoralists in the Rift Valley of Ethiopia. Following this, I spent three years working as an applied social scientist on interdisciplinary research projects for the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Addis Ababa. My postdoctoral work focused on critically evaluating approaches to natural resource management and developing collaborative and transdisciplinary approaches for understanding socio-ecological systems. During the course of these investigations, I worked with participatory visual and spatial research methods to document changing livelihoods, landscapes and ecologies and gained experience in East Africa, West Africa and South Asia.

In my work for Monsoon Assemblages, I am seeking to understand how humans and nonhumans experience and respond to monsoon weather in the context of three focal cities, Chennai, Dhaka and Delhi, and the wider region. As part of this research, I am developing an interest in more-than-human ethnography and how participatory approaches might be extended to non-humans.


I contribute to the MA Arch module, 'Ethnographic Ways of Knowing: Creative and Critical Explorations of Site’ at the University of Westminster, led by Samir Pandya. 


Current research

I currently (2016 - 2021) work as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on Monsoon Assemblages, ERC Starting Grant no. 679873, led by Professor Lindsay Bremner. The project is an interdisciplinary design-driven inquiry into the impacts of changing monsoon climates in three of South Asia’s rapidly growing cities: Chennai, Delhi and Dhaka. 

Research Group

I am a member of the Expanded Territories Research Group at the School of Architecture and Cities.

Research Students

I co-supervise Monsoon Assemblages PhD Researcher, Anthony Powis, “Unsustainable Abstraction - Reading Chennai through Groundwater” (2021).

I co-supervise Central Saint Martins PhD Researcher, Christina Skarpari, 'Tangible Changes in Intangible Cultural Heritage Preservation: Using experience-based co-design to inform cultural policy-making practice' (2024).