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As a researcher, my central interest is in understanding and improving how organisations work. I am interested in sharing learning and bridging the professional divide between academic and organisational knowledge.

I have a background in research and consulting for organisations, for example at the Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute. More recently, I have worked on understanding corporate responsibility at the University of Basel and as TH Marshall Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

My academic training is in Social Anthropology (BA Hons), University of Sussex, and Social Policy (Social Research), (MSc) London School of Economics and Political Science.


I have designed and taught the following courses at the University of Basel, at BA and MA levels: Ethnographic Methods, Ethnography of Organisations, Business and Society, Perspectives on Stakeholder theory.


My current research interests are in governance, pension schemes and sustainable investing. In parallel, I am also interested in the use of ethnographic and qualitative methods in organizational research, and cross-national comparisons.

My PhD examines the governance of pension schemes and the issue of sustainable investing. My supervisors are Professor Graham Smith, and Dr. Dan Greenwood, Centre for the Study of Democracy (CSD).

Previous research built on my experience as a practitioner, and examined and evaluated deliberative models of participation in Germany and Britain:

Organising Deliberation: The Perspectives of Professional Participation Practitioners in Britain and Germany’ (joint with Graham Smith), Journal of Public Deliberation (2012) H. Iss 1, Article 3, S. 1-39.

‘Die Demokratische Wirksamkeit von Planungszellen und Citizens Juries: Ein Deutsch Britischer Vergleich aus der Sicht von Praktikern’, Gute Beteiligung: Qualitätssicherung und Qualitätskriterien des Verfahrens Planungszelle. Bach, N., Dienel, L., Fuhrmann, R. and Vergne, A. (Eds.), München: Ökom.