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Sabina Cioboata is a PhD researcher in urban studies at the Faculty of Architecture and Cities, University of Westminster. Between 2015-2017, she worked as a research assistant for the World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for Asia and the Pacific Region (WHITR-AP) in Shanghai, China. Here, she contributed with research and editorial work to the 2016 UNESCO Regional Report on Culture for Sustainable Urban Development covering East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Region. At WHITR-AP she also coordinated the organization of the 2016 International Training Course on Heritage Impact Assessments organized in The Philippines. Sabina has also collaborated with international organizations such as the Global Heritage Fund and has been involved in research projects in Bhutan, Romania and the UK. She holds an MA in Cultural Heritage Studies from University College London. 


Sabina's doctoral research investigates the ways in which the concept of wellbeing, globally utilized in political and intellectual efforts to define a new direction for evaluating human progress, are understood and integrated in the context of current urban regeneration schemes in China. Centered in urban studies, the research takes a multidisciplinary approach that links the fields of urban planning, development studies, political science, sociology and heritage studies. The research aims to explore the ways in which current, innovative regeneration approaches for inner-city neighborhoods are contributing to a more human-centered urban agenda in China.