About me

My current research focuses on the work of the experimental literary group Oulipo and my academic interests more generally are in continental philosophy, critical theory, aesthetics and literature.

Prior to joining Westminster, I gained an MA with distinction in Modern European Philosophy at the CRMEP, Kingston University, in 2013. I also hold an MA (Hons) in Philosophy and an MSc. with distinction in Intelligent Systems from the University of Aberdeen. I worked for several years as a software developer in graphics, image processing and web applications.


I am teaching on the Cultural and Critical Studies MA at Westminster.


My research focuses on the experimental writing group, Oulipo, who are best known for their use of formal constraints in literary composition. The research is initially motivated by the apparent paradox of productivity under constraint.

The intensification of the technical manipulation of writing suggests the re-framing of certain dominant concepts that have shaped aesthetic theory since Kant and German Romanticism: genius, imagination, the separation of art and craft, and the demand for the new. This leads towards a possible re-conceptualisation of the 'work' of literature.

Papers & Presentations

"The Oulipo and Mathematical Form in Literary Composition", New Work in Modernist Studies, QMUL, London, 10 December 2016

"An Introduction to the Oulipo", [Again], London, 21 February 2017