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I am a writer and researcher in the area of ethics and sexuality. I have a book forthcoming in 2019 for Zero Books, which is called 'Fucking Law: the search for the ethics of her sexuality', and is an attack on law, identity, research ethics, academia, philosophy and philosophers, and conventional ways of judging sexuality and morality. I am interested in ways of creatively telling personal stories about sexuality, 'occupying' academic space and challenging inhibiting ethical frameworks (institutional and personal) in research practice, particularly in the field of sexuality.


I have teaching and module leadership responsibilities for Gender, Sexuality and Critical Legal Perspectives, 'New Legal Thinking: Theory, Philosophy, Justice' and Critical Environmental Law and Criminal Law. My research and teaching methods tend to be radical, in both theory and practice. 


My research runs along the themes of Law, Space, Method, Ethics and Sexuality. I have published work on these themes (including articles, an edited collection and a book). I write academic as well as media and fiction pieces on women's sexuality, ethics and queerness. In my writing (both academic and non academic) I explore the erotics of philosophy, as well as 'non-philosophical' ways of expressing the experience of sexuality, thinking sexuality and doing sexuality research.