About me

Hello, I am a doctoral researcher at the University of Westminster (2015-present), after completing my undergraduate at Coventry University I embarked on a teaching career in English Language teaching. I gained the Cambridge certificate (2009) and Diploma (2012) in English language teaching and taught at schools in Italy and France. After moving to University teaching in Ho Chi Minh City (RMIT University, 2009), Cardiff (Cardiff University, 2013) and Bath (Bath Spa University 2014, 2015) I completed an MA in Language and Communication Research (2015) at Cardiff University.


I have taught English Language at most levels and including certain specialisms such as business and medical English.

I have taught English for Academic Purposes since 2012

Also I have taught a programme within the University of Westminster Undergraduate module Exploring English and also to MA students on format and style of MA dissertations


My most recent research includes issues within phonology, sociolinguistics and levelling and diffusion.

I have presented my paper, which was the initial finding into the study; MANX English: a phonological investigation into levelling from across the water at the PARLAY (Postgraduate Academic Researchers in Linguistics) conference at the University of York (2016).

I am also due to present similar initial findings at the UKLVC (UK language variation conference) held at Cardiff University this August (2017)

Please see my website for any further details about my research - http://www.andrewboothphd.wix.com/manx