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Maria Bastos is a Doctoral Researcher at the University Of Westminster, United Kingdom. She holds a MA in International Relations and Contemporary Political theory, University of Westminster UK, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Cross-Cultural Psychology, Brunel University UK, and she is a Licentiate in Psychology, University of Lisbon, Portugal. 

Maria is fluent in Portuguese, French and Spanish. She understands basic Urdu.Her research interests are in Foreign Policy (Pakistan), Postcolonial International Relations, Politics of Identity, South Asia Politics, with a focus on Pakistan, and History of South Asia.


Maria has been teaching at the School of Government and Society, UMT, in Lahore, Pakistan. Modules taught include Foreign Policy of Pakistan;Pakistan Political Processes and Institutions, Public-Private Partnership, NGO's, IGO's and Philanthropy; Public Administration History


Maria is currently researching the relation between Pakistan foreign policy and the construction of national identity. The title of her project is :

Imagining Pakistan: The Role of Foreign Policy in the Construction of National Identity.