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In 2009 I joined the University of Westminster as a Senior Lecturer in Economics. Topics included construction, property, tourism, transport and behavioural economics. The following year these topics expanded into full sustainability (social, environmental and economic studies) and corporate management for post-graduates. These topics follow from experience and research in the transport industry with projects in construction, facilities and full economic, social and environmental sustainability with governance oversight.

I have a BCA in economics from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, an MSc(Dist) from the University of Reading, England and a PhD (supported by a scholarship from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) also from Reading.  It focussed on performance based contracting, innovation and risk.


My teaching broadly covers the dimensions of sustainability which in essence emanate from economics (i.e. the decisions on how resources will be used). The modules are designed to explain supply and demand in the construction, property, tourism and transport industries and examine these industries in the markets in which they are linked with society and the environment. These classes are further supported by lectures on governance, ethics and decision-making. Corporate management lectures include competition; formulation, evaluation and analysis of corporate strategy; developing business plans and cases; innovation and creativity.


My research - commercial and academic - has covered many topics and includes buildings’ ratios, corporate culture and profitability, charity assessment, performance based procurement, information technology and education, and full aviation sustainability. My special interest is in linking the 'unlinkables' to create a 'golden nugget'.