Department of Photography and Film - Transcript

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Setting: A University of Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design banner shows followed by various shots of the degree shows.

BA Photography is a part time course, one day a week for four years. The BA Photographic Arts traces its tradition right back to 1853 really.

We're the oldest photography course in the world.

It's got a great reputation.

We're one of the best in the country.

I don't think you could get any better. They really give you focus and direction.

Your ideas are very much pushed and you progress.

We do that better than anyone else.

All of them always go an extra mile for me.

We have MA Photographic Studies which leads on very much from the tradition of critical theory and photography practice. The MA in Photojournalism, a concentrated study in photojournalistic, editorial and documentary practice. What we do better than most is to bring together critical theory and photographic practice.

I really wanted to do something like that.

We don't just sort of take photographs but you think about the context which they appear.

Photography as a social medium, what does it mean in the world? How does it affect people's lives? They really learn to become very critical, questioning people who are curious about the medium of photography.

BA in Contemporary Media Practice brings together four strands of image making, film, photography, video and interactive new media. At the heart of this course is the idea of collaboration which will lead them into the creative industries in a whole range of practices.

This is one of the most respected film and television courses in the world.

I was attracted to the university because of the staff.

Cinematography specialist, sound, scriptwriting.

How many people can say that when they're preparing for their graduation films the Location Manager of Pirates of the Caribbean comes in and goes through your locations with you?

They're all really approachable. They're all really easy to talk to.

The students read, write, think and learn in a university environment but they make their films in the real world.

We do a lot of production.

We get to work on a variety of film cameras.

You have crews that are up to 30 people.

Have a go at everything.

We've had films winning prizes at the Beijing International Student Film Festival. One of the 2010 films was nominated for a Student Academy Award. Recent credits from alumni of the course the course include the Director of Senna, the cinematography of We Need to Talk About Kevin and the producer of the new Jane Eyre film.

The best place to do film.

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