Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

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Setting: A University of Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design banner shows followed by various shots of the degree shows.

What we offer is a fantastic mix of both theory and practice. We have courses in Journalism, TV, Radio, Public Relations.

We teach about media as part of society, media as an industry and media as a thing that people use and consume and do their own thing with.

Unique combination between production skills and business skills.

We really like to be up to date because the media are changing all the time.

70% of the media industry across all industries is London based.

The campus itself is full of PR students, journalists, music, television and it's related.

We have people who teach at undergraduate and post graduate level who are the top class researchers in their field.

Professionals that really know what they're talking about.

They're really down to earth and they're really helpful.

We also get a lot of guest lecturers from the industry so you get a real insight into what's happening out in the real world.

We like students who are just really curious and passionate about the media, who want to do different things with it.

Take on a number of different roles.

Really, really inquisitive and want to know more about their industry.

Think around a problem.

Do new things, maybe things that haven't been done before.

Somebody who can understand that and think, "I can do this."

We actually give students an overview of what's it's like to work in the television industry.

I think we've got one of the biggest, if not the biggest university TV studios.

We have fantastic resources, fantastic equipment.

People work in big groups doing multi camera shows.

We really cater for everything, like television does.

One of the great things we've done, because of our connections, is we've sent students off to record McFly in concert.

It was a real buzz.

We have a very high take up rate of people getting jobs in the industry.

Production roles, research roles, technical roles.

We've got people on Big Brother, we've got people working on the X Factor. They're in post production houses.

The Discovery Channel, Channel Four.

There's lots of opportunity for work experience.

It's not just about them learning stuff, also I think it's a kind of dialogue and it's also about me learning stuff as well.

It's basically just been three years which have been absolutely fantastic and taken me on this kind of new journey.

End of recording.