Department of Fashion Transcript

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Setting: A University of Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design banner shows followed by various shots of the degree shows.

At the university we deal with both the business sector and design. We have a Fashion Merchandise course which is the first and unique course of its kind in the country. We also have a Fashion buying degree. We also have a Master Business Course and, of course, the Fashion Design course.

One of the top courses in the country. I think we have a great diversity of students.

The number of applications we get is absolutely phenomenal.

It’s a very tough business. A lot of our modules are very much focused about making it happen.

I currently work as a buyer’s assistant, e-commerce and wholesale merchandiser for a denim brand.

An Ebay merchandiser at House of Fraser.

We also have our students go out into industry.

Many of them have worked for designers like Chloe or Stella McCartney, people like Alexander McQueen or they’ve gone and worked in America with Marc Jacobs.

What our students love is the fact that they are working with industry professionals and it’s a real hands-on experience.

It’s kind of an explosion into making clothes in new ways.

Like a factory of imagination and artistry.

We're here at P3 and we’ve got the final show of the third years, the graduation show tonight.

Really pleased with everyone, I think you all look really good.

Boy's pieces were amazing. The girls were beautiful!

Fashion Retail Club was founded by the University of Westminster. It is now a global club for students and graduates in the industry and fashion retail companies.

It’s a great way for spotting talent from an industry perspective.

It allowed me to network with people in industry, helped to organise events.

And I think it was a great help to me and other students on my course.

The tutors are really good to actually encourage you to ask questions about what’s necessary in fashion and what could be entertaining.

They’re given the freedom to do what they want to do.

I loved the passion that my tutors had.

And we’re still in contact with them today.

That passion really came through in how everything was taught.

It’s a journey to actually find out who you are.

Kids at Westminster bang it out each season. They bang it out!

I think it’s one thing to be a creative person, but it’s also a real skill about how to present your creativity to industry.

We’re looking at people who are going to be industry leaders.

End of recording.