Department of Music - Transcript

[Background music playing]

Setting: A University of Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design banner shows followed by various shots of the degree shows.

So one more take, and then come in and listen to how that guitar sounds.

I mean, we got ourselves as the centre for commercial music, with a raft of Masters Courses, PhD students, Batchelor of Music and the BA Commercial Music.

They got great equipment here.

There’s also a lot of facilities that you can use.

13 recording studios, 16 rehearsal rooms, the music lab and audio production go on.

All together on one campus, which makes us really special.

One of the best things, I think, about this place is the diversity of the people.

We need to be very imaginative, be very creative.

You need to be open to working in genres that you’re not used to.

We’re looking for people who are out there, doing things in the industry, before they arrive at our door step.

It seems they produce high quality work, but also produce work of a strong identity and creative flair.

All of our lecturers are still industry practicing professionals.

To link up with talented people like that is brilliant.

Our graduates include The Feeling, who all studied here. Some of our audio production students have also won several BAFTA awards.

Which basically encourages us that we can succeed in the music industry today.

One of our graduates actually won several Grammy awards.

I’ve learnt how to produce. I’ve learnt to song write. I’ve learned about the law on contracts.

Here, we pride ourselves on innovation. We have our own record label here, and we use a company called Faculty Music & Media, as well as our Music Talent Corporation, which does deliver very high level music industry research.

I think to have your own vision, and not compete with other people. The day you walk through the door, it really is about you getting on stage and showing what you’ve got.

It’s great the people coming through, in terms of getting them ready to go out and work in the industry.

This is reading week, and I’m in a studio recording, and there’s people around to help.

Area 51, our week gigs here, organised by the SU. They do their final assessment up here on stage.

The industry itself’s, gone through massive changes in the last 10 years. We constantly are at forefront of those developments.

It deals with all aspects of sound for picture, to sound for animation, to remixing songs, and recording through bands.

Everything is industry standard.

All of our graduates are now leading various industry sectors.

The standards are pretty high at the University of Westminster.

Be prepared to work.

You have to work, but usually the work is fun.

End of recording.