Department of Art and Design - Transcript

[Background music playing]

Setting: A University of Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design banner shows followed by various shots of the degree shows.

Male 1: The strength of the course is the variety of media they can indulge in.

Male 2: You get woodwork, metalwork

Male 1: Painting, sculpture, home based media, performance

Female 1: All different types of printing are taught

Female 2: Photography, film

Female 3: Photoshop, illustrator

Male 3: Studio practice and workshop practice that integrates together

Male 1: Students are able to mix any of those things together in their practice

Female 4: There is absolutely no pressure to decide what you want to specialise in

Female 5: They need to develop projects that are appropriate for them to go out and try and get work with

Female 6: They really just pushed us to experiment as much as they possibly could

Male 1: The important thing is they play, they make mistakes

Female 6: We are encouraged to explore

Male 4: Just think outside the box and don’t follow trends

Male 1: Art is a very interesting subject because it’s not all about things going right

Male 5: Above all we look for students who can show to us that they’ve got the genuine enthusiasm and energy for the area they want to go into

Female 7: Talking about ideas through images

Female 8: Who are keen, who are motivated

Female 9: Our studio space is amazing

Male 6: The facilities are really good here

Female 9: And it’s a buzzing studio environment where they can bounce off each other

Female 10: You get to learn a lot from your peers

Female 11: Really the students teach each other

Female 12: Yeah I’ve really started to kind of come into my own with it

Male 5: The courses are very successful particularly in the sense of giving students professional practice

Female 12: A lot of the students tend to do different mediums all throughout the course

Female 8: I think every year it changes

Male 1: Thinking and making, making and thinking

Male 6: I think it’s amazing. I’ve never had the pleasure of doing something like this before

Male 1: Changes I see over that three years is amazing

Male 7: I think it helps when you have a teacher you can really look up to

Male 8: It’s an excellent course

Male 7: I think we’re very lucky students

End of recording.